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Nexar is a tech company widely known for its dash cams for vehicles. While their price range and supported features may vary, these devices are generally recognizable for helping the drivers call emergency services, prepare accident reports or find parking spots in demanding environments. To help you pick out the best product for your needs and budget, we prepared a list of best-of reviews of the dash cams provided by Nexar.

1. Nexar Beam GPS Dash Cam

This popular model wants to win you over with a combo of compactness and crystal clear 135° video in Full HD 1080p quality. With the help of a dedicated Nexar app, this cam will stream live video to your phone in the background whenever you hit the road. This means that video evidence remains only a swipe away all the time, while the parking assistance remains active 24/7.

The camera uses the smart detection feature that constantly checks the road for potential and genuine accidents such as sudden braking or collisions and sends the recorded clips to the Nexar cloud. In case of a collision, you can prepare an insurance report with a single tap, supported by key accident data (driving speed, location, etc.). The lack of screen on the device may put off some drivers but with this quality of phone connectivity, this is only a minor nuisance in an otherwise stellar dash cam.


This budget model attaches directly to the windshield from which it will stream live footage in a 1080p assisted by a 140° viewing angle. The SCOSCHE NEXC1 Dash Cam supports connection with iOS and Android phones which will serve as homes to its Nexar app. Thanks to its sticker mount system, you can easily remove the cam whenever you feel like taking it home with you.

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To support its around-the-clock functionality, the device will give you nighttime visibility for safer driving during twilight and evening hours. In the worst-case scenario, accident reports can be easily made and forwarded to the insurance company and they will include all relevant data on the crash, including the impact force, vehicle speed, etc. As a value product, this is as good as they get, considering that investing in road safety can be invaluable in life-threatening situations.

3. Scosche NEXS11064-ET Full HD Smart Dash

This dash cam comes with a suction cup from which it will act as your all-seeing eye on the road. Supported visuals include the 1080p resolution and 140-degree viewing angle, which is just enough for getting a clear overview of what happens in front of your driving seat. A low-light environment and nighttime won’t hurt your vision either, since the device will automatically compensate for the lack of light.
This model starts recording automatically when you start your car and ends when you stop it. It helps you get access to comprehensive accident reports with information on the speed and force of impact to support the video footage that is stored on a 64GB micro-SD card. Data on the trip can be stored in the Nexar cloud and combined with the above features, this dash cam will easily become your trusty companion on each trip you take.

4. Nexar Pro GPS Dash Cam System

This advanced model gives you the ultimate road protection in an exchange for a slightly premium price. It supports recording what happens both on the road and inside the vehicle, with the road camera giving you sharp 135° video in 1080p Full HD quality, and the interior one doing the same with 720p HD quality. In addition, the interior camera comes with 10 infrared lights for equally superb night vision recording.

The model is packaged with 32GB or 128GB memory and G-force sensors, enough for 4 and 16 hours of recording.
Similar to other models by the same manufacturer, it will help you create one-tap insurance reports with critical data in the case of an accident. Nexar Beam is its immediate competitor as this model also comes with the smart detection of unusual situations on the road, the support for cloud backup, and around-the-clock parking mode. The lack of screen and a slightly higher price may still hurt its reputation with some drivers, but the model easily compensates for this with an array of excellent features and a brand name behind it.

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