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IAM solutions

Recent Spotify attacks have demonstrated how crucial identity access management (IAM), is for businesses. An attacker launched a credential-stuffing operation to defraud more than 300,000. Spotify accounts. Spotify responded by initiating a “rolling reset” of passwords for targeted users. An enterprise IAM solutions can prevent attacks like this by securing credentials, managing access, and providing analytics insight into possible vulnerabilities.

The estimated economic impact of IAM vendors has been staggering. Forrester estimates that the Auth0 IAM software could generate a 548% ROI with a profit of $11.7 million within six months. OneLogin’s solution also delivers a 482% ROI within two months. These numbers suggest that IAM investments should be a priority for companies moving into 2021.

We have compiled a list of the top IAM software platforms and how they address security issues such as data security, credential management, analysis, and integrations.

These listings are based upon publicly available information. They include information from vendor websites that sell products to medium-to-large businesses. To ensure that the right fit is made for your organization, readers are encouraged to do their final research.

Top 10 IAM solutions for enterprises

1. Auth0

Overview – A secure access solution for enterprises’ identity and access management (B2B and B2C) as well as professional development.

Credential management – Breached password detection and access blocking up until the password reset is completed; passwordless login to eliminate the most common attack vectors

Analytics – User Behavior Analytics, Profile Dashboard, and Authentication Trends.

External Integrations – Auth0 marketplace to integrate with identity proofing, consent management, social media, SMS, and customer success tools.

Data security – Secure credential storage in the Auth0 or in-house enterprise repository; single sign-on and MFA for secure access to data.

Pricing – Free for up to 7k users. Developer solutions are available for $23 or $1070 for customers or $1020 for employees per month. Enterprise solutions can be purchased with custom pricing.

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2. Azure Active Directory

Overview – Azure Active Directory, Microsoft’s cloud-based IAM system for enterprises that acts as the backbone of Office 365 applications, is

Credential management – Authentication and conditional Access Policies to Protect User Credentials; Machine Learning to Detect Leaked or Stolen Credentials and Suspected Login Attempts

Analytics – Security analytics through integration with Azure Monitor logs. Logs for audit, sign-in trends, risky signing-ins, and flagged users.

External Integrations – The Azure Marketplace contains 3300+ integrations to Azure Active Directory.

Data security – It integrates Azure identity and access management with user apps (Workday. DocuSign. Jive. etc.). for secure data access

Pricing- Starting at $6 per user per Month (PUPM).

3. BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management

Overview – This is a privilege- and identity access management program for Windows, Mac Unix Linux and other networked devices.

Credential management – Enables passwordless administration to eliminate credential risk; quick-start templates are available for credential protection policies

Analytics – Features privileged threat analytics for identity data breaches risks; enterprise auditing support and reporting support.

External Integrations – PowerShell-based integrations to automate workflows and create custom connectors. Splunk and ServiceNow integrations are already available.

Data security – It offers an automated application whitelist and exception handling for data access protection; pre-built templates provide trusted application protection.

Pricing –  Custom pricing available; no-obligation trial

4. CyberArk Idaptive

Overview – This IAM solutions allow access management for contractors, employees, and partners.

Credential management – Features Idaptive SSL to enforce stricter password policies, request-based access to apps, and browser extensions that recognize new credentials.

Analytics – Machine learning-based user behavior profiling and anomaly detection; integration to external analytics apps such as Splunk.

External Integrations – A catalog of apps that allows pre-built integrations to customer service, ERP, IT marketing, project management, and other apps.

Data security – Protects user access to data on Mac and Windows computers, virtual desktops, and servers.

Pricing – Starting at $2 per month for feature-based pricing (a new pricing model has yet to be announced but CyberArk is working on it).

5. ForgeRock Identity Platform

Overview – This is an AI-powered IAM platform that can be used by consumers, workers, and partners. It’s built on the cloud.

Credential management – A user dashboard to manage credentials and privacy preferences across various applications/websites; consistent password policies across applications, devices, users, and IoT objects.

Analytics –  Autonomous Identity is used by AI to collect and analyze data like accounts, roles, user activity, and privileges in order to find blind spots.

External Integrations – SDKs for connecting with mobile and web applications; prebuilt support for open security standards; connectors such as Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP; and integration with social media.

Data Security – Secure data access via cloud to endpoints and the IoT ecosystem

Pricing – Custom pricing available. Free trial and ROI calculator available.

6. JumpCloud

Overview – A cloud directory platform that secures access and identity across Windows, macOS, and Linux environments.

Credential Management – Single Sign-On (SSO), single sign-on for credential management with group access control, and a portal for managing credentials

Analytics – System Insights to monitor endpoint visibility, report compliance, and detect vulnerabilities (unauthorized peripherals, unencrypted system, etc.

External Integrations – Restful API and PowerShell module to create custom integrations; JumpCloud covers thousands of apps; SAML adapter is available for customers apps.

Data Security – Browser-based access provisioning/de-provisioning for VPN and Wi-Fi networks for hassle-free data security, encryption of all data at rest.

Pricing – Free for up to 10 users, 10 systems; $10 per month for core directory services; $2 for custom feature selection.

7. Okta

Overview – Okta Identity Cloud provides IAM solutions for your workforce, customers, and Platform Services to address specific identity needs via modular components.

Credential management – Secure credentials with single sign-on (SSO), strong password management policies, and single sign-on.

Analytics – Get analytics by integrating with Okta’s data analysis partners.

External Integrations – Integrates with almost every popular application such as Zoom, Slack, and Salesforce. It also has an extensive API library that allows for custom integrations.

Data security – Protect your data from SQL injections and cross-site scripting.

Pricing – Feature-based pricing starts from $ 2 per user per month for SSO and increases to $29,000 annually for integrations between B2B.

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8. OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform

Overview –  A unified platform that manages customer identity, workforce identity, and developer experience.

Credential management – Single sign-on (SSO), to access multiple apps securely with one set of credentials. Synchronization with directories such as Workday, LDAP, and others is possible for credential porting.

Analytics – Centralized audit trail, standard/custom reports; VigilanceAI for entity behavior analytics; threat intelligence in order to arrive at a risk score.

External Integrations – An App Catalog with over 6000+ Integrations; Developer Portal with Open APIs

Data security – Context-aware access management for filtering access to sensitive data. Enterprise sandbox feature to allow data cloning.

Pricing – Features-based Access starts at $2 per month (PUPM).

9. Ping Intelligent Identity™ Platform

Overview – The IAM solutions offer security and ease of use across public clouds, private clouds, and third-party applications.

Credential Management – Secure password management; single sign-on (SSO), social login, and unified authentication for partners, customers, employees, and partners.

Analytics – Risk management features to detect suspicious behavior via AI andML; PingIntelligence APIs to analyze API traffic to determine potential threats.

External Integrations – More than 1500+ identity access management solutions integrations are available in the integration directory. This includes first-party apps, as well as integrations to SaaS apps or AWS enablers.

Data security – User consent collection for data protection; secure data access through proxy or agents; data access governance with customer privacy compliance.

Pricing – Starting at $5 per user per Month (PUPM), for workforce solutions.

10. SecureAuth

Overview – This IAM solution focuses on user experience quality, analytics, and workforce engagement.

Credential management – Dynamic Ip blocking technology to prevent password spray attacks; ML-based credential checking; passwordless authentication; a self-service portal for credentials reset.

Analytics – provides detailed user behavior analytics, such as failed login attempts and MFA enrollment. ;
instructional authentication workflow; Intelligent risk engine.

External Integrations – Global partner network of integrators and resellers; dedicated portal.

Data security – 30+ authentication methods for data access.

Pricing – Custom pricing upon demo request; ROI calculator is available.

Closing Thoughts

IAM vendor has its pros and cons. Some offer only internal solutions while others provide customer identification. Many offer built-in analytics. However, a few require external connections to connect with analytics dashboards. The hosting environment is the most important factor in selecting IAM solutions. Okta and SecureAuth are available in cloud-hosted environments.

The final decision will be based on your business and IT needs, as well the user base (internal/external or IoT device). You’re interested in what you want to cover.

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