Top 10 Cloud Security Companies And Service Providers

Cloud Security Companies

Cloud security solutions and technology is becoming a major tool for Enterprises. This raises security concerns. Many cloud security solutions are being developed every day and many cloud security companies are in security service.

Cloud Security and Cloud Computing Security are basically the same things. They protect your cloud data from being deleted, hacked, or leaked online.

Cloud Security can be provided through a variety of software-based tools such as firewalls, policies, and VPN controls. Cloud Security is part of network security. Cloud Security Solutions and Services are the companies that offer security solutions for cloud computing.

The ability of Cloud Security companies to address privacy and conformity issues and protect data from hijacking and other malicious threats is what will determine whether cloud security as a service is able to select influential or commanding cloud security companies and cloud security providers.

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Top Cloud Security Companies And Vendors

1. Datadog – Security Monitoring Company

Datadog Security Monitoring detects security threats to cloud applications, networks, and infrastructure in real-time. It detects and reports security threats through metrics, logs, and other data.

It supports more than 450 integrated, vendor-backed integrations such as Okta, AWS Cloud Trail, and GSuite. You will receive alerts about suspicious and malicious patterns.

  • Datadog’s detailed observation data allows you to automatically detect threats in dynamic cloud environments.
  • Datadog Security Monitoring offers over 450 integrations that allow you to collect metrics, logs, and traces from both your security tools and your entire stack.
  • Datadog’s Detection Rules are a powerful tool to detect security threats and suspicious behavior within all ingestion logs.
  • You can detect threats within minutes using the default out-of-the-box rules that are widely used by attackers.
  • Our rules editor is easy to use and allows you to modify any rule.

2. HackerOne – Cloud Security Services

HackerOne cloud security services are the most trusted security platform for hackers. It helps organizations identify and fix critical vulnerabilities before they are exploited. HackerOne is trusted by more Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 1000 security companies than any other hacker-powered security software. It is a cloud security company and software solutions, provider.

HackerOne has partnered with the U.S. Department of Defense and General Motors to discover over 120,000 vulnerabilities, award more than $80M in bug bounty payments, and over 1,300 organizations.

HackerOne has its headquarters in San Francisco, with offices in London and New York.

Core Services: Hacker-powered Security through penetration testing, bug bounties, and other means.

Customers: U.S. Department of Defense. Google Play, Spotify. Paypal. Slack. HBO. Verizon. Twitter, Shopify. Toyota. General Motors. Starbucks. European Commission. Twitter.

3. Intruder – Cybersecurity Solution Provider

Intruder assists organizations in reducing their attack exposure through an easy cybersecurity solution.

Intruder’s cloud-based vulnerability scanner detects security holes throughout the digital infrastructure. Intruder protects businesses of all sizes with its robust security checks and continuous monitoring. It also makes it easy to use security monitoring.

Intruder was founded in 2015 and has received numerous accolades. Intruder was also selected by GCHQ for the Cyber Accelerator.

Key features:

  • More than 9,000 automated checks on your entire IT infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure and web-layer checks such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting.
  • When new threats are detected, your system is automatically scanned.
  • Multiple integrations: AWS Azure, Google Cloud API, Jira, and Teams.

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4. Cipher – Global Cybersecurity Company

Cipher Protect your Internet-connected devices and services. This cloud security company provides a security analysis platform.

  • Monitor: Zipher gathers and enriches data from the customer network. Cloud apps provide logs.
  • Detect: Cipher normalizes, analyzes, and compares security log data across your network, applications, and systems. This data is used to alert the SOC and detect threats.
  • Respond: Automation and orchestration that allows Cipher SOC to work with customers to mitigate threats. A Cipher cybersecurity analyst provides guidance and expert advice on how to deal with identified vulnerabilities, security incidents, and potential threats.

5. Sophos – Security Solution Company

Sophos is a security company that offers hardware and software solutions, provides integrated security between firewalls as well as endpoints and real-time capabilities. Sophos Cloud is now known as Sophos Central.

  • Sophos Central provides security as a service such as modernized plans or goals, increased safety, faster detection and exploration of threats simplified enterprise-level security solutions, and so on.
  • Sophos also offers other security solutions, including email, web, mobiles and servers, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi.
  • Sophos was founded in 1985 and has approximately 2700 employees according to the 2016 annual report.
  • Sophos Central offers a free 30-day trial.
  • According to the financial reports of 2016, Sophos’ annual revenue was $478.2 Million.

6. HyTrust – Data Protection Company

HyTrust is a Cloud Security Automation Company that provides security controls for computing, networking, and other areas. This company has achieved the highest level of data protection and visibility.

  • HyTrust offers a variety of services, including cloud and virtualization security as well as encryption key management and cloud encryption.
  • HyTrust’s primary goal is to ensure reliable communication across public and private clouds.
  • Some of the top clients of HyTrust include IBM Cloud and Cisco.
  • HyTrust Company was founded in 2007. They currently employ between 51-200 people.

7. Cipher Cloud – Best Private Cloud Security Company

CipherCloud is the best private cloud security company. It protects your data flawlessly, more effectively, and with risk analysis and cloud detection.

  • CipherCloud now offers services in many sectors, including financial, healthcare, pharmaceutical, government, insurance, and telecoms.
  • cloud security company offers many services such as cloud computing and security. It also tokenizes cloud encryption gateway, data loss prevention, and data loss prevention.
  • CipherCloud was established in 2010 and has approximately 500 employees.

8. Proofpoint – Cloud-Based Security Company

Proofpoint is a leading security and compliance company that provides cloud-based encryption solutions for corporate and enterprise levels.

  • Through cloud-based email security, Proofpoint provides compliance solutions and protection for sensitive business data.
  • Proofpoint solutions can be used to stop attacks via attachments to the maximum extent.
  • Proofpoint’s solutions are complex and include more modules. For smaller businesses, this may pose some problems.
  • The company was founded in 2002. It currently employs around 1800 people.
  • Proofpoint’s 2016 total revenue was $375.5 Million.

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9. Netskope – Cloud Security Company

Netskope, a leading cloud security company, uses patented technology to secure various networks, such as remote, corporate, and mobile.

  • Netskope’s cloud security has been trusted by large organizations and enterprises because of its strict security policies, advanced cloud technologies, and unique cloud-scale architecture.
  • Netskope’s top clients include Levi’s, IHG, and Yamaha.
  • Netskope is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), which provides cloud service protection by sophisticated threat detection at multiple levels.
  • Netskope, a privately-held American software company with approximately 500 employees was founded in 2012.

10. Twistlock – Information Technology and security company

Twistlock, a privately owned Information Technology and security as a service company, provides uninterrupted and complete security for containerized applications.

  • Twistlock’s advanced, highly developed intelligence, centralized platform, and protection against next-generation threats such as malware, exploits, and other malicious software, protect the environment.
  • Twistlock offers its services to some of the most reputable customers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Aetna and InVision, AppsFlyer, etc.
  • Twistlock offers cloud security solutions such as Automated Runtime Defense, Vulnerability Management, and Proprietary Threat Fees.
  • Cloud security company Twistlock was founded in 2015 and has around 200 employees.

Conclusion- Top Cloud Security Companies

This article lists the top Cloud Security Companies. This list may prove to be useful in your search for the right cloud security company.

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