List of Top 10 Open-Source Firewalls

Top 10 Open-Source Firewalls

There are many hackers, spammers, and criminals out there looking to hack into our digital lives and steal sensitive information. Companies need to make sure they are investing in the most current security technology as remote work and hybrid work become more common. This includes looking at everything from VPNs and open-source firewalls.

Open-source firewalls act as a security guard between internal and external networks. You can download an open-source firewall that has been created and maintained in an ever-changing environment.

We’re going today to look at some of the best open-source firewalls available for companies to use in the digital age.

List of Top 10 Open-Source Firewalls

1. Shorewall

Shorewall is a Linux-based, open-source, and new-generation firewall system. It has many amazing features, including a Net filter system to track and monitor potential threats. Shorewall supports network partitioning and role-based access control. You can customize the firewall to meet your needs.

Blacklisting can be used for IPs. Companies have access to traffic accounting and mapping features, as well as tools that allow for virtualization.

2. OPNSense

The OPNSense firewall can be used in a simple way and free firewall protection, with infinite scaling. This open-source project promises best-in-class virtual private networking, intrusion detection, and a powerful network firewall software that allows for live views on traffic passed and blocked. Multi-WAN capabilities are available with hardware failover, state synchronization, and intrusion detection.

The system supports two-factor authentication, which is both available for the user and for services such as VPN. Multilingual support is available to all customers. An intuitive user interface allows for easy development and access.

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3. IPCop Firewall

Another Linux-based solution to open-source firewalls protection is IPCop. This well-known online security solution was created to protect both home and business networks. This service does not have a graphical interface so you will need to be comfortable using command-line technology.

Although this software requires some technical knowledge about firewalls and servers it offers a light opportunity to improve security for more experienced users. It’s small at 60MB and can be used with a variety of systems. The last version of this product was released in 2019.

4. CSF

The CSF firewall solution is intended for people with basic knowledge of programming. Also known as ConfigServer Security and Firewall it provides comprehensive online protection. The Stateful Packet Inspection firewall is designed for Linux servers. Access can also be provided for VirtualBox, VMWare, and other platforms.

CSF provides firewall protection technology that is continually improving. There are many developers who work together to keep the script as safe and as innovative as possible. You can also get real-time insight into the performance of your firewall.

5. Smoothwall

Smoothwall’s firewall is free and offers seven layers of application management control. Smoothwall’s firewall offers companies online protection. The firewall can be accessed by itself to manage bandwidth, protect against malware and filter dynamic threats.

Smoothwall firewall is one of the best tools on the market. It is focused mainly on the UK education system. Every day, thousands of forum members contribute to Linux and GNU-based solutions. The OS has been made more secure to reduce firewall vulnerabilities. UK support is available to those who require additional assistance.

Smoothwall firewall also has all the benefits of Smoothwall filter. This firewall combines layer 7 application control with stateful bundle investigation and edge firewall to provide functionality for the next-generation firewall. It is resistant to anti-malware protection and HTTPS investigation. You can protect your organization from all threats by integrating everything into one machine.

6. Endian

The Endian Firewall community (or EFW) is an open-source UTM/Firewall solution that offers a unique combination. Although the software can be downloaded for free, you will need to manage it yourself as there is no support from the developers. This software allows companies to quickly set up web and email security. It also provides powerful analytics.

EFW is more than the best Linux firewall. It also includes unified threat management and open-source antiviral protection. Additional support can be obtained through powerful VPN services.

7. VyOS

The VyOS Open Source Firewall network runs on the GNU/Linux platform and has a unified management interface that allows for all functions. Access to the free routing platform is included with the solution. This allows it to compete directly with commercially available solutions offered by leading network partners. VyOS can also be used on standard systems so it can be used as a router or firewall platform for any type of cloud deployment.

VyOS gives companies access to a comprehensive firewall system that includes access to industry routing protocols and policy-based routing. Remote workers can also set up the OS system using their specific VPN solutions.

8. IPFire

IPFire is a Linux-based firewall that offers advanced network security for businesses. It provides protection against DDoS attacks and other internet connections. This software is developed by thousands of dedicated developers. IPFire’s networking firewall software is powerful but also light and simple to use. An Intrusion Detection System is available to help you analyze your network traffic and identify potential exploits.

You can set up IPFire to block attackers if attacks are detected. IPFire, like many other firewalls, has a web-based management interface that allows you to make changes. The network can be configured to meet different requirements, including advanced graphical or logging reports.

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9. Untangle

Untangle’s advanced, the open-source firewall is well-known for providing security solutions for today’s digital brands. The firewall can be installed on a dedicated appliance or server. You can also use it in the public cloud to protect your company.

Untangle firewall software can be downloaded free of charge in many formats so it is suitable for all types of deployments. The company provides the same software package for standalone hardware and can also download an ISO or VMware image.

10. PfSense

PfSense has been widely regarded as the most reliable open-source firewall in the world. It is free to use and can be used to secure your business. This software is trusted by thousands of businesses to secure their cloud connections and protect business data. PfSense uses stateful packet filtering to provide a broad range of features that are not available in more expensive firewalls.

PfSense gives companies access to a wide range of security solutions that can be used in all types of environments. These platforms are some of the most trusted in the world and have been designed to provide the highest level of security, stability, reliability, and performance. PfSense offers a lot of support in the way of documentation.

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