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10 Best Tools for Android Development

10 Best Tools for Android Development

This article contains some of the most powerful and useful Android development tools currently available.

You’ll find a variety of resources to help you save time, increase your productivity, and debug. Learn more about each tool below.

Best Tools for Android Development

1. Stetho

Stetho, a powerful open-source platform that allows you to debug Android applications, was developed by Facebook. It makes it easy to debug native Android apps and allows you to perform many actions such as checking the SQLite database and tracking network activity.


  • This allows you to use Google Chrome’s debugging tool for a variety of actions.
  • Provides hierarchy inspection during debugging.
  • This tool allows you to manage your network, databases, and other interconnected features.
  • To send data uses an HTTP web socket

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2. LeakCanary

Square has created this powerful tool to detect memory leaks. It will automatically begin once installed. You will receive notifications about every memory leak in your app with full-stack track tracking.


  • Fully automated memory leak testing for Android Activity components.
  • You can set parameters such as the number of dump files, leak trackers, custom exclusions and custom processing of analysis results, etc.
  • It is easy to integrate your project.
  • Interface and notifications are easy to use.

3. Takt

This library can be used to debug an application and check its FPS. It’s better to find bugs and delays early in the development process than to have users experience a poor user experience once an application is live.


  • Easy to measure FPS of apps
  • Implement in your existing code quickly
  • Easy-to-use

4. NimbleDroid

NimbleDroid can be used to check your app for memory leaks or other critical issues before it is published to the Play Market. It is quite user-friendly and detects potential crashes in various scenarios within your app.


5. ClassyShark

ClassyShark allows you to browse any Android APK file, find all the information, including classes, resources, dependencies, number dex methods, etc. This tool will provide you with an overview of other applications and their activities.


  • Decompile and open dex, apks, jars, arr. files.
  • It is simple to see the file information.
  • Supports systematic code search.

6. Booster

Booster is a quality enhancement tool, which is designed specifically for mobile applications, is very useful. This tool addresses quality issues related to the increasing complexity of applications, such as stability, performance, and package size.


  • System bug fixes
  • It is easier to spot performance issues.
  • Reduced package size
  • Performance optimization

7. InstaBug

Instabug lets users share screenshots, audio, and video recordings and logs. Any bugs or issues they discover while using the app. This helps developers find mistakes they might have missed and gives them solid insight from users’ perspectives.


  • Test reports and feedback can be generated.
  • Developer-friendly bug and error detection are possible.
  • It is easy to integrate.
  • Notifies you promptly
  • Solutions for a crash.

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8. Android Debug Database

This tool will completely change the way you debug Android applications and settings. The user interface is beautiful and allows you to view all data, edit it or delete it, and run SQL queries.


  • To update or delete data, you can run any SQL query against that database.
  • Direct editing of database data
  • Data sorting.
  • Debug Room in the InMemory database.

9. Android Tool For Mac

This little tool is useful for Android developers who use a Mac. It can provide error reports, screenshots, and videos of the app you are trying to debug.


You can install APKs from anywhere without the Play Store.
You can output record video in MP4 and animated GIF.
You can take screenshots of any or all devices connected to your Mac.
Your bash scripts should be added to the scripts folder.

10. Android Asset Studio

This is a collection of simple-to-use tools that can be used to create different icons (launcher and notifications, general, shortcuts, etc.). These icons are essential for the development of Android apps.


  • Android Studio allows you to display a demonstration of your XML design.
  • The number of hotkeys makes coding faster and takes less time to create an Android app.
  • Every update offers you the latest functions and methods to reduce your coding time.
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