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How to Perfect Your Craft and Get Hired as a Web Application Developer

How to Perfect Your Craft and Get Hired as a Web Application Developer

Whether you are an independent contractor, or job hunting for that peach job, as a web application developer, you are likely in high demand.  In fact, according to web application developer job demographics presented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web app development is on the rise and expected to increase by over 13% in the next 5-10 years.

But what if you’re struggling to capture clients or land that dream job?  Truth is, while there are many opportunities for web application developers, the competition can be fierce.  Here are a few tips to fine-tune your craft so you can happily get hired as a web application developer.

Prove Yourself

If you’re just starting out in the field of web app development, you might be hard-pressed to prove your salt and get clients as a freelance developer.  You can combat that by taking on assignments that you can feature in your work portfolio.  Granted, this might mean taking jobs that do not pay well (or maybe not pay at all). However, when you’re just starting out, you might have to take the dregs in order to begin building your credentials and stand out as a capable, skilled developer.

If you are a veteran developer, then don’t be shy about citing your successes while working as an independent or showing proof of your contributions at a place of employment.  Think about creating a website or a LinkedIn account that shows off how you have developed web applications that satisfy the pain points for your past clients or employers.

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Commit to Excellence

While no one is perfect, there are steps you can take to perfect your craft as a web applications developer.  To elaborate, hiring agencies wanting web app developers are looking for pros who can get the job done with zero mistakes, and as few complications or conflicts as possible.

This is because they know that building a web app such as a shopping cart on their e-commerce site could mean the difference between epic success or ghastly failure for their online business.  Equipped with this knowledge, you’ve got to put structures in place that assure your work is beyond reproach.

That means, to be a desirable hire, you need to check, check, and double-check your work.  As a web app developer you know more than anyone there are certain tools that automate and streamline the process of proofing your code, design, and scripts. However, are you using the very best applications when fail-safing your work?

For example, you might be using an open software such as Selenium to double-check your code. But is that really the best option to ensure your testing methods are 100% foolproof and comprehensive when you put your work into play?

Sidestep any doubt about the quality of work you are providing to your employer or clients by looking into Selenium alternatives.  This can guarantee your application development and testing stage are streamlined and the results of your work are rock-solid for your clients.

Refine Your Expertise

The lines get blurred in the job market when it comes to marketing your skills and defining your title.  To explain, many hiring managers are often unclear about the difference between software developers, versus mobile or web app developers. That’s why you should hone in on your specific area of expertise.

As you revise your resume or online portfolio, define your skillset in order to appease potential employers or clients.  While there’s nothing wrong with being a “jack of all trades” when it comes to your expertise, a highly focused concentration of your offerings tends to be far more appealing to hiring factions.

You might also define yourself as an expert in web app development over desktop development to give your potential employer an idea of your specialty.  The more you can refine and convey your specialized niche, the better advantage you have in landing that dream job or client.

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Never Rest On Your Laurels

The old adage, “resting on your laurels” originally came from the Olympic Games.  To explain, winners of the games were crowned with a coveted wreath of laurel.  This was a mark of accomplishment and achievement.  However, many Olympians and developers alike might be tempted to succumb to complacency knowing they have achieved a certain level of excellence.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Instead, keep striving, learning, and reaching for the very best standard. This will render you far better success in web application development.  Why? Because by doing so, you represent the best in your class.

Constantly learning and evolving in your field shows that you are on the cutting-edge and also proves to your employer that you are an innovator.  Recognize your advancements, but never grow stagnant. This is perhaps the most profound tip to get hired as a web application developer.

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