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Top 10 Product Photography Apps

Top 10 Product Photography Apps

You’re beginning to realize that photographing products is a difficult task. It requires precision, something that’s frequently missed in free-form and artistic photography. It also demands creative thinking that makes the product stand out. Finding the right notes takes patience and knowledge.

Luckily, you don’t need to take on everything all by yourself. Photos editing Software can help you avoid the mistakes of beginners and take your photos from simple to amazing.

Let’s discuss editing tools that can enhance the art of photography and then review our top 10 picks for the best product photography apps for both pros and beginners.

How to Choose the Best Product Photography Apps

To determine the top product photography apps, We’ve examined a few of the most well-known tools for editing photos out there. Naturally, they’re not all could make it to our list. We set strict guidelines that excluded apps that did not have enough choices for photos of their products.

Instead of the popular functions such as anime portraits, a field of depth to enhance landscape photography, and other busy effects that are better suited for pictures on social media We’ve searched for the most essential editing functions that concentrate on the background for product photography lighting, or colorization.

Top 10 Product Photography Apps

What are the top product photography apps that are currently available?

Product photography apps can aid you in improving your photography, though some require less effort than other apps. Each of them comes with basic retouching capabilities and other functions that will prove to be more than others.

Our top ten choices for the top product photography apps:

1. Wondershare VirtuLook

Wondershare VirtuLook is the top AI product photography app for both beginners and brands. Why do we believe that? First of all, Wondershare VirtuLook is not the typical photo editor. With its advanced AI algorithms, the application lets you create photographs from scratch.

If you’re used to having to spend hours retouching your images by hand, Wondershare VirtuLook automates and simplifies post-production. You don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of taking pictures. This allows you to have time and space to concentrate on the creative aspects.


  • Take professional-looking pictures with minimum skills
  • Allow us to fine-tune the instructions by answering AI prompts.
  • Select the ideal background, model, or props for your project.


  • The original images are subject to certain conditions.
  • Free version with a limit of 40 images


  • Create 40 product photos for free
  • $39.99 each month to get 1200 photos

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2. Fotor

Fotor will not help you create product photography as Wondershare VirtuLook does, however, it will provide you with the tools you require to do basic photo Retouching. There are two additional modes that are included in the web pack: Fotor collage maker, and the design toolkit that is designed for you guessed it, graphic designers.

For photographers who shoot for the product You’ll find both the web-based version and the app extremely useful, however, only the app comes with a built-in camera and the capability to edit images in real-time. You’ll be able to make use of Fotor’s effects as well as the ability to adjust light and color.


  • The free version includes many helpful options.
  • It is easy to use and perfect for product photography for beginners.
  • Supports files that have commonly used RAW extensions.


  • It isn’t possible to create images from scratch using Fotor.
  • Ads that distract you from the free version of the web application.
  • Sometimes, the effects can cause an app to stop working.


  • The Fotor Basic, $0
  • Fotor Pro – $8.99 per month

3. Adobe Photoshop

What do we know about Adobe Photoshop that the average photographer doesn’t know? Well, a lot. Photoshop has remained the standard in the industry for decades since no other application can compete with its amazing and constantly expanding array of options.

The basic idea is that Photoshop is a complete package that includes everything you need to make creative product photography, However, you’ll need time to get it right. Photoshop is a notoriously complicated tool that experts have been studying and experimenting with for many years. Does it really merit the effort? YES.


  • One-stop solution that includes a variety of editing tools.
  • Supports all kinds of files that range from GIF up to RAW.
  • Guides for users, as well as how-to tutorials.


  • There are so many options that it can be overwhelming.
  • Not the easiest app for beginner photographers.


  • $20.99 per month
  • $239.88 per year

4. Pixlr

If you’ve been involved in photography for some time, you’ve seen or heard of Pixlr. Professionals and beginners alike love this application, and for reasons that are well-founded. It is a contemporary and intuitive mobile app for DIY projects, which can be proudly compared to the quality of Photoshop.

Although you won’t likely make use of all the features since product images need a simple and minimal look rather than an avant-garde one, you’ll appreciate Pixlr for its textures, light leaks, and overlays. Similar to Photoshop, Pixlr allows you to work with layers in order to edit.


  • Single-click functions that allow editing to be quick and simple.
  • A vast gallery of filters to suit different styles.


  • It’s a surprise that Pixlr does not offer Clone or healing tools.
  • Sometimes, Pixlr features will make the application unstable.
  • It isn’t possible to export large-sized or high-quality images.


  • Pixlr for Free (Limited Access) ($0)
  • Pixlr Plus – $1.99 per month

5. BeFunky

The editing options provided in BeFunky are similar to the name of the app. One of the most popular options is the ability to include cartoons, sketchers, or any other style of artistic design in your photos. BeFunky additionally is a popular editor for collage frames and templates.

However, if you plan to utilize it for your product photography features such as background removal and exposure, color change lighting filler, vibrance, and clarity will be far more beneficial. BeFunky is also a reliable enhancement tool for your photos to create automated product photography.


  • Simple and clear interface with full-screen editing mode.
  • A comprehensive set of tools to edit images of products.


  • BeFunky Free is packed with flashy advertisements.
  • Most features can be locked into BeFunky Plus.


  • Get BeFunky for Free at $
  • It’s BeFunky Plus. $11.99 per month

6. Canva

We could call Canva the top app for product photos because of its background features. Canva offers a collection of templates for backgrounds that you can modify or simply use as it is a great feature to have in editing apps to take photos of your products.

Additionally, you’ll be able to discover all the essential tools to enhance the photo’s quality, brightness, or overall appearance. Canva is very well-known for its unique fonts that can be used along with a logo maker, to design product images for social media sites and websites.


  • Fantastic options for product photography with this free edition.
  • Easy to use and very functional phone application.


  • Limitations on output options in the case of image formats for files.


  • Canva for free – no cost
  • Canva Pro – $12.99 per month

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7. iPiccy

One of the most popular free product photography apps is IPiccy’s Web-based version of their application. It makes it easy to correct color no matter if you want to make use of curves or sliders. It also has a large filter library that will help create attractive images in a variety of styles.

Unfortunately, iPiccy has a few negatives. This free application is only on the internet, and you’ll need to pay to access the majority of the editing options on mobile devices. If you’re working using raw files You might want to stay clear of iPiccy completely, since it can only work with images in JPEG format.


  • All editing tools in iPiccy are available for free.
  • The web-based app is user-friendly and simple to use.


  • There isn’t a way to use RAW images.
  • You must download it to install the Flash player.

Price: free

8. Lightroom

Adobe’s Lightroom is an essential tool for photographers in any shape or form, no matter if you’re using it on a computer to post-produce or on mobile devices for editing in real-time. Both apps are noted for their user-friendly interface that enhances the capabilities and makes it simple to make use of them in conjunction with one another.

A few of the best options for photography of products The brush tool curves, color mixers and healing, optics perspective correction, and gradient, and radial filters more than meet the requirements of Lightroom as a professional product photography kit. It’s available for Android and iPhone.


  • Face detection for real-time editing
  • Automatic camera correction and camera calibration
  • Professional color correction tools


  • Not suitable for quick retouching.
  • Some older devices may be unresponsive. models.


  • $9.99 per month
  • $119.88 per year

9. PicWish

PicWish is among the few apps developed with the concept of product photography in mind. It comes with one of the top tools for backgrounds, complete with a cut-out function that automatically cuts out as well as a collection of presets. The camera is built-in which makes life simpler.

We also believe that PicWish is a worthy alternative to the top application for product photos. The apps on this list include templates of the size for most of the most popular platforms for e-commerce, with the exception of PicWish. It’s a one-stop tool to design clean images for e-commerce products.


  • Magical background removal along with editing software.
  • Pricing options that are flexible for high-end features.


  • The app lacks edge detection and auto-object selection.


  • Free
  • PicWish Pro – starting at $5.99 each month, for 50 credits

10. PicsArt

PicsArt is a favorite choice for beginners because it has many powerful features that look like Photoshop’s finest editing tools. Features such as curves, layers, clone stamps, and masks make you feel as if you’re using Photoshop but without the learning curve.

The app also comes with an AI editor for photos and video to optimize results, however, this option could be better suited to more artistic styles of product photography. However, it could nevertheless help you to get the most enjoyment from products targeted at young buyers who are looking for an element of fun.


  • Photoshop-level editing tools that work with all kinds of photography.
  • A plethora of effects that are creative including textures, effects, and customizable filters.


  • The app lacks edge detection and auto-object selection.


  • PicsArt Free – No Cost
  • PicsArt Gold $ 13 per month/$ 60 per year

Final Word

If you’ve at least some knowledge of photography, you may consider trying Photoshop and Canva. But, those with less experience can easily edit photos of products with software such as BeFunky or Fotor If you’re looking to save time and still get amazing photos you can use the best product photography apps.

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