How to Compress & Reduce A JPEG in Less Than 20 KB

compress a JPEG file

It is easy to compress a JPEG file size and a 20KB photo size in pixels. It is difficult to maintain high quality and visibility, but a smaller size photo can be sent through multiple media. Large photos can only be shared through a file link hosted by the host. The file is too large to be sent via email, text message, or other media. For web-based programs to work properly, some require a 20 KB photo size in pixels.

 How to Compress & Reduce A JPEG File Size in 20 KB

Compress for Email

Emails can be resized below 20KB by adding photos. You can sometimes insert 30kb photos without any problems, but the email size limit may restrict your options. It will be difficult to send if you add more than one image.

You can also influence the process by choosing the email provider. The limits for both free private accounts, as well as enterprise accounts that are designed to handle large file sizes, have different limits. This is why many businesses use paid accounts.

You can attach a compressed photo to an email, or insert it directly into the email. You can choose which option you prefer. It is best to add attachments as they are easy to view and download on the receiving side. It is a good idea to insert the image into an email if the timing of the photo is relevant to the text.

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The Ins and Outs of Avatar Sizing

Avatar photos need very small file sizes in order to fit into the tiny space between avatars. Avatar photos are usually limited to 20KB. To ensure a smooth upload, reduce the image size to 20KB.

Usually, if you try to load an Avatar photo that is too large, it will fail. Rejects the file with a warning about its size. This should not occur at 20 KB unless the particular program requires a smaller file, such as 10 KB. However, a 10 LB photo is too small to be easily viewed. The following steps can be used to resize any image to the desired dimensions.

Reduce by Resizing

To quickly alter a photo’s size, reduce the pixel size. Right-click select your photo and click information to see the current size. Keep track of the current size to be able to do a percentage-based resize later.

Get a free program for photo editing Microsoft Paint. Most programs can resize photos, but Paint makes it easy. To get started, open your photo using the software.

Simply click on the “button in Paint. Edit” Drop down and choose”ResizeClick ” to open the sizing tools. Select the percentage resizing option and adjust based on your current photo size. A 100KB photo can be reduced by 80 percent to reach the 20KB mark.

Save the photo and upload it to your email, Avatar, or other restricted-size programs.

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Online Compression Programs

It is quick and simple to compress photos with a web-based program. To find a list of free programs, do a quick Google search for “JPEG CompressorClick”. There are many free programs available, so don’t sign up for email alerts. To avoid malware and downloading software to your computer, you can also use a web-based program.

After uploading the image to the compressor, you can set the file size and the compression will take place. Click the Download prompt to save the photo after you are done. After saving the file, you get a file under 20 kb and the photo will be ready for use.

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