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Vetting Ruby Candidates for Remote Work – A Simple Guide

Vetting Ruby Candidates for Remote Work

At Reintech, we screen each developer who wants to join our platform pretty thoroughly. We also recommend the same to any business or recruiter that wants to hire remote Ruby developers.


COVID-19 has made working from home a proven technique to improve productivity and save overheads. Today, 68% of software engineers are working remotely and many prefer to continue doing so.

As a result, you may want to hire remote developers to market faster and lower your development budget.

However, remote hiring comes with a different set of nuances than on-site hiring. Most importantly, you can’t meet or talk to your candidates face to face.

Therefore, you need a structured approach to ensure your Ruby developer has the right skills. It goes a long way to ensure your project success and return on your investment.

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Here is how you can go about vetting Ruby programmers for remote work.

How to Vet Ruby Developers for Remote Work

Screening your candidates can become a challenge when you are hiring remotely. But fortunately, technology can lend a helping hand to vet your software engineers. You can use a range of online coding tools to run tests to screen your programmers.

Best of all, you can tailor these tests based on the technical exposure of the candidate and your project requirements.

So, you can create personalized coding tests focusing on Ruby and RoR tech stacks.

Below are a few coding test platforms you can use:


Codesignal is a great option to automate your technical assessments. It comes with a code editor and environments to let you create custom tests.

In addition, you can take advantage of certified assessments to scale your recruitment process. The tool also allows businesses to conduct video interviews.


Coderbyte is another good choice to run online coding tests for Ruby coders. It gives you more than 400 challenges to create automated tests for your roles.

Additionally, you can create custom projects to evaluate the tech skills of your candidates. Plus, you can develop assessments focusing on specific skills like Ruby, Angular, or JavaScript.


Codility is a complete tech recruitment platform to hire at scale. You can vet remote candidates with live coding challenges and online coding tests.

Additionally, it comes with features like virtual whiteboards to make screening more effective. Leading brands like American Express, PayPal, and Microsoft rely on the platform for their hiring recruitment needs.

A Google search is all you need to discover more online coding test platforms. You can create a shortlist and compare your chosen platforms to select the right one for your needs.

Online Techniques to Vet Ruby Developers

Coding tests are not the only way to screen your Ruby candidates. You can also go for a range of innovative screening methods to hire a Ruby developer.

Some of them include:

Pair Programming

Pair programming is a great way to develop software where two coders share a workstation.

Interestingly, it can also be a great way to vet candidates for tech skills. You can see how well your developer codes live as they write each line.

Therefore, you can easily screen your hires for code quality and practices like clean coding.

Businesses can choose from a plethora of online pair programming platforms. These come with varying features like IDEs, screen sharing, and more.

Some of the popular choices are:

  • Live Share
  • Teletype
  • CodeTogether
  • Visual Studio Live Share
  • CoScreen

Coding Hackathons

A coding hackathon or codefest allows a group of programmers to work together. They lock their heads to develop a new product or improve existing features.

The event allows you to screen candidates perfectly for tech skills. You can also assign specific challenges based on roles and expertise, like RoR.

In addition, the exercise lets you evaluate how well the candidates can collaborate to work towards a common objective.

As a result, it can be an ideal vetting method if you are hiring a team of remote developers. Best of all, you can conduct online code fests with your chosen candidates using a few tools like:

  • Mettl
  • HackerEarth
  • Hubilo
  • com

Using online tools is an excellent way to streamline your vetting process. You can also look for perks like automation and efficient assessments.

Best of all, your hiring becomes more engaging and improves your onboarding and retention rates.

Video and Audio Calling

Recruiters can conduct an initial round of screening using video calling for making accurate evaluations. It allows you to speak with your candidates and get an idea of their communication skills.

In addition, you can focus on areas where online tools don’t help out. For example, you can ask questions to determine how well your candidates can handle pressure.

Therefore, speaking face to face is a good way to screen for soft skills.

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How We Vet Ruby Developers at Reintech

Vetting remote programmers takes time and resources. You also need to invest in tools and platforms, which might add to your costs.

Moreover, you will need at least a few weeks to complete your entire screening. As a result, vetting Ruby candidates can become a challenge for many businesses.

In such cases, Reintech offers the best solution by offering a pool of pre-screened Ruby developers. We allow you to hire only the top 5% of Ruby programmers from Western Europe at affordable costs.


We make each developer go through a multi-step screening process to pick the best talents. In addition, we ensure every programmer has at least 3-years’ of professional experience.

Moreover, we assess all our coders with coding tests for accurate evaluation.

Therefore, recruiters can expect to hire top talents in the shortest time. Just get in touch with your requirements for us to shortlist the best matches for your position.

Final Thoughts

Every business should vet Ruby candidates to ensure the right fit for their development. You can rely on a number of online resources to arrange coding tests, pair programming, or hackathons. In addition, try to download and use a few apps made by your candidate. It will give you a better picture of the tech skills they possess.

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