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What are POWR Comments Tools and How to Work?

POWR Comments

Comments on a website work for the benefit of both business owners and customers. Business owners can use them to collect feedback from users, keep up to date with their customer’s needs and preferences, and use all of this information to improve their products and services. Meanwhile, customers can refer to them when buying stuff, and use them to verify the trustworthiness of the business. It’s valuable, then, for websites, especially e-commerce sites, to have comments enabled—and this is something you can easily do with POWR Comments Form app.

Why Add Comments to Your Website

Comments are valued for good reason as they help you increase engagement, conversions, and sales. Here are some of the reasons why having them on your website will bring you success:

Build Trust and Loyalty

When people visit a website for the first time, they have very little information about the brand, apart from the details that you share, which they’ll probably assume is slightly skewed to your favor. The best way to give them unbiased information is through a comments section, where they can find the feedback of people just like them. By giving them access to these unfiltered comments, you show that they can trust you and you’re setting them up to be more loyal customers in the long run.

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Collect Feedback

Comments can give you insight into your customer’s experience, not just of your products and services, but of the processes on your website. Use these to improve your offerings and constantly make your site better.

Increase Sales

With a comments form that has features like star ratings (something that you can do with POWR Comments), you boost customer confidence, ultimately pushing more people to the checkout and increasing your sales (by as much as five times!).

What Are POWR Comments?

POWR Comments is the easy way to build professional comments, ratings, and reviews on any website. You can add a comments section that’s rich with features or something as simple as a text box (like a form), then add it to your site without having to write a single line of code, making it a powerful tool that any website owner can use in a jiff.

Benefits of POWR Comments

POWR Comments lets you add a secure and dynamic comments section on your website even if you don’t have any knowledge about information technology (IT). Here are some reasons why you should use this easy-to-use app:

Trust-Building Features

POWR Comments enables you to build a high level of trust among your customer’s thanks to rich features such as star ratings, upvotes, and image uploads. You can also enable anonymous commenting to keep your user’s personal information more secure.

Advanced Customization

POWR Comments allows you to be in control of your comments. Choose how you display feedback: by newest first, oldest first, popularity, etc., and easily moderate them to remove any unwanted ratings or reviews; you can even approve them before showing them on your site. You can also design your comments to match your brand. Pick custom colors and fonts, adjust the size, and more–so that everything looks seamless.

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Powerful Notifications

Be notified right away when people leave comments by enabling automatic email alerts for new entries (you can also do this for comment approvals). This way, you can always respond to feedback quickly.

Easy Integrations

Just like all of POWR’s apps and widgets, POWR Comments works with almost every website, whether you have an e-commerce shop powered by Shopify, a blog on WordPress, a company site on Wix, or any type of site on any other website building platform.

Get POWR Comments Form on Your Website

Quickly and easily add a comments form on your website with POWR Comments. To do so, you simply have to create a POWR account, click “Create New” and then “Comments.” You can then start customizing the comments section that you need, designing it based on look and purpose. Once you’re happy with the result, you can automatically get it on your site by copying and pasting the embed link or saving it in your POWR account for later use. You’ll get a professional comments section that’s both beautiful and functional—all without writing a single line of code.

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