Japan Launches Nreal Smartglasses

Japan Launches Nreal Smartglasses

Nreal, the Chinese creator of highly anticipated augmented reality smartglasses, declared a December 1st launch of its Nreal Light in Japan with KDDI. Following a successful introduction in Korea using LG this summer, pre-orders for Nreal Light can now be made on their Japanese telco partner KDDI’s online shop. The Nreal is compatible with 5G smartphones such as the Sony Xperia 5 II and Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

Nreal’s booth in CES 2020 has been mobbed. Programmers are clamoring for the developer kit, which is hard to come by and over $2000. The Nreal Light is exactly what the Magic Leap could have been having they made different conclusions, which is why creator Chi Xu, a former Magic Leap engineer, has been sued in US court by his former employer.

The new glasses have to be tethered to an android phone, which functions as its own controller. By cutting on a pay onto the Nreal Light, the smart glasses will also be capable of VR.

At the end of March, we reported that Nreal had opened a new optics factory in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China. Eventually, the company hopes that this mill will produce as many as one million units annually. Due to this, the company states it’s going to make up for any lost time and have ample supply for global release next year. COVID reportedly caused some slowdowns of this Nreal developer kit, but the firm says those have allegedly been resolved.

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A trusted source, blogger and developer Tony Vitllio, states demand is so great among programmers, no one can get a programmer kit. He insisted resources inform him developer versions, even at a high price, are impossible to come by. In a recent blog post, he speculated Nreal might be a victim of its success. “It’s having a too high requirement for its device, and it can’t keep pace with its production. Managing a hardware item is very complicated,” Vitillo wrote on his powerful blog.

A company spokesperson told us the delay was a tactical one. That is the reason why a close relationship with carriers selling the new 5G telephones and data plan are critical. For instance, the Korea edition of the eyeglasses was bundled by LG making it significantly less expensive than the original cost. It sold for $295 if bought as a package with the choice involving among two 5G smartphones.” We guess that at the moment Nreal is concentrated on Asian programmers, as its smart glasses are available right now and desperately require bespoke content.

The Nreal Light model shipping to Korea and Japan is your Nreal Light Consumer Kit which is significantly cheaper than the Developer Kit. More specifically, their smartglasses would have to operate with smartphones that run the 5G Qualcomm 855 or 865 processor. Users control the smartglasses together with the telephone and can swipe or tilt the smartphone to control content inside your FOV.

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“Nreal Light’s launching in Korea’s LGUPlus retail stores was Nreal’s first step into the spotlight. You might state after years of sheer hard work, we were prepared to verify that the Nreal Light no longer just a concept, but a truth. Throughout the next two quarters you are going to be seeing more of us in more places,” stated the company representative.

KDDI customers can purchase Nreal Light starting Dec 1 2020 in any of KDDI’s retail shops throughout Tokyo and pair this with a Sony Xperia 5 II or Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

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