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Emojis are an essential part of digital conversation. They add emotion and expression to dull messages. There are so many creative ways to use Emojis and create custom emojis. However, you might find a time when you can’t find the right Emoji to express your true emotions. Creating custom emojis is possible for those who feel their emoji collections are lacking.

There are many tools available to create custom emoji using your photo or editable design. This article will list the best custom emoji tool ( iOS, webtool) so that anyone can create emojis that express their emotions.

Mobile Apps

Let’s begin with some custom Emoji-creating Smartphone Apps which will allow you to create custom emojis directly from your smartphone.

1. Bitmoji

Bitmoji lets you create a customizable avatar that you can edit later to express your emotions. You can create your perfect emoji with hundreds of stickers. It is one of the most powerful avatar-creation tools.

Your creations can be stored and shared with all of the most popular social media platforms. It also has a Snapchat-specific feature that allows you to combine your emoji with the emoji of your friends for extra fun.

2. Emoji Maker by Maker Develop Team

Emoji Maker’s large design collection and the ability to create Emojis from your own photos were something I loved. You can create your own emoji from thousands of emoji designs.

You can combine multiple designs to create unique emojis. It supports iKeyboard, Kika Keyboard, and allows you to save and send emojis directly from your phone’s keyboard.

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3. Emoji Maker by Oliver Saylor

This app is designed by Oliver Saylor and features a large emoji designer collection as well as amazing customization capabilities. You can create over 258,000,000 unique emojis using its design collection. You can customize nearly every part of the emoji body including eyes, hair color, lips, mouth color, arm and leg colors, as well as your eyes, hair, eyebrows, mouth, skin tone, and so on.

4. Emoji Maker by MimiSoft Studio

An Android Emoji Maker free app. With thousands of options, you can create emojis and avatars as well as stickers. You can also customize the app to make fun stuff that you can use in WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

You can either create a sticker pack that is based on one theme or you can use your own image to create an incredible avatar. You have many options for customization in terms of colors and shapes, expressions, themes, and more.

5. Animated Phone Emojis

Here’s an Android emoji maker, allows you to create beautifully animated emojis in a variety of shapes and characters. You have many options for customization and styles to apply to your animated stickers or emojis.

You can also create your animated avatar with elements that are customized to your appearance using thee’s You can also create an avatar for a friend’s with their unique features, and surprise them.

6. Elite Emoji

The Android app Elite Emoji has the largest collection of Emojis for every topic. You can integrate over 2000 beautifully designed and high-quality emojis with any keyboard.

The Elite Emoji app has a large collection of over 5000 funny messages that can be used in conjunction with the emojis you send. You can also create animated images or GIFs and send them around.

7. Zmoji

Zmoji is an interesting iOS emoji maker. It allows you to create stunningly realistic avatars from your photos or those of your friends’. With just a few steps, you can create an animated avatar, emoji, or GIF.

You can create the avatar that you desire using a variety of facial expressions. Many elements can be customized to make your stickers and avatars unique. You can use the emojis that you create in iMessages and any other messaging app for iOS.

8. Emojily

Emojily, an iOS app that allows you to create stickers and emojis on a variety of themes, is fun. You can choose from a variety of elements to create your own emojis.

The emojis you create with third-party keyboards and in your iMessages can be saved. The app is free and you don’t get ads. Additionally, the emojis can be saved on third-party keyboards or in your iMessages.

Online Tools

There are several tools available for creating emojis online if you like that option. They may be less flexible than the apps for smartphones in terms of design. They are still very easy to customize and use.

9. Angel Emoji Maker

Angel Emoji Maker online tool allows you to create your own Emojis. This tool allows you to create custom emojis with no prior graphic design knowledge.

Online emoji creator comes with a professional design tool. You can edit, change layers, and zoom in or out to add, remove, modify, or edit any number of emoji elements. After you’re have finished creating emojis you can save them by selecting options such as ratio, custom size, crop region, etc.

10. Flat Icon Emoji Maker

Flat Icons offers a web-based emoji creator. The interface is simple and easy to use, giving you many options to create an emoji that’s flat-based.

You have four options: you can change the base color and shape, your eyes shape, and your mouth shape. You can also choose what emotions you wish to send to your emoji.

11. Labeley

Labeley provides a variety of tools for creating custom stickers and its own collection of emojis. Although the collection isn’t extensive, the interface is simple to use and offers reliable customization options.

You can select different backgrounds, face colors, eyebrows, accessories, and shapes. To create an emoji, click here and then download it. Print your creations for a fee.

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12. PiZap Emoji Maker

PiZap’s popular photo editor has an emoji maker tool that creates high-quality emoji designs. The Flash-based emoji maker allows you to create emojis by using drag-and-drop functionality.

The Emoji designs are very sleek. There are hundreds of them, allowing you to make thousands of combinations. Some of the designs cannot be used in the free version.

13. Emotiyou

Emotiyou allows you to create animated Emojis using the photos you submit. It is easy to upload, crop, animated, and download your emoji. You can also make the Emoji public so that everyone can see it. Also, you can view the gallery to view emojis made by others.

14. Create Emojis in Slack

If you’re a Slack user then you can create custom Emojis within Slack and share them in chats. Click on the team menu to create your custom emoji.

You can click the Emoji tab and enter the name of your emoji or upload an image so that Slack turns it into emoji. The image must not exceed 128 pixels in size and be less than 64KB maximum. After uploading the image, Slack will adjust it to be small enough that it fits into the Slack textbox so you can use it easily.


I recommend Bitmoji by Oliver Saylor to create custom emojis. Both apps are customizable and offer a wide range of designs. These apps can also create emojis in image format. Be careful when sending them via text message, as you may be charged if your plan is not unlimited.

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