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What is an HR Management System?

HR Management System

Nowadays, when we think about the HR department of any company and its daily operations, we no longer imagine tens of recruiters doing job interviews all their work time. One of the best benefits of modern times is automation, and when it comes to HR, there are so-o-o many things and processes that can be automated — and become both more effective and efficient!

An automated HR employee management system is a synergy between recruiters, onboarding specialists, and proper software that makes both the recruiting and adoption processes smooth, seamless, and fast.

Read on to learn more about the best software available on the market, and how you can benefit from it!

HR management system software (you should know about it!)

First of all, let’s explain what exactly an HR management system is. It can be online or offline, desktop or mobile software designed specifically to help HR managers conduct interviews, onboard new employees, or even provide internal training.

The system allows you to create a survey, test, or even an entire course with branched logic and comprehensive content.

Conducting interviews

With the help of a management system, hiring managers can conduct interviews in an interactive and unified format, minimizing the likely influence of a human factor in the selection of a candidate.

With good software, you can do so both offline in your office and online by sharing a test task link with the candidate. For example, with CleverLMS you get your own branded mobile app for iOS and Android with the ability to set access only to specific modules depending on the user’s position in the company.

This means it’s not only a perfect way to give a candidate a final test task, but also a great opportunity to show off your brand and make you stand out from the other companies a candidate might be also applying to.

But that’s far from all a decent system can do.

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Onboarding new employees

Besides interviewing candidates, other processes that a good HR employee management system can help with are the onboarding and adoption of new employees. With engaging video lessons and automated results tracking, you don’t have to guess whether a new hire is getting enough information about your company structure, product line, internal processes, and corporate culture — you can see it for yourself.

Test and experiment with different types of content, from standard photo and video files to interactive SCORM and long-read formats. You can prevent a user from proceeding to the next lesson in the course until they have completed the current one — and not just finished it but passed the minimum score you set.

At the same time, a user can see the exact answers where they made an error, as well as their overall progress. The thing is, a course manager can also see it and provide personalized feedback and study materials.

Training your HR staff

Besides using an HR employee management system to test and onboard employees, you can use it to test your own staff first.

Just think about it: you can implement the one and only standard for recruiting and onboarding new employees across all of your locations at once. And you can do it like this: show one of your HR managers (a top one) how to use the online HR management system, and then use the same system to train all the HR specialists in your company.

It’s a win-win strategy!

A perfect example is CleverLMS, a cloud-based cross-platform software available on desktops, tablets, and smartphones in both online and offline modes. It makes the entire onboarding process easier right from day one and saves a lot of time for HR managers, resulting in a significant cost cut for the company. Isn’t that what everyone is looking for?

What is an online HR system?

That’s a good one. The one you need.

Okay, jokes aside. An online HR system is a platform that every one of your employees can access online. It allows organizations to manage and automate various HR functions and processes online and provides a centralized database and tools to streamline and simplify various tasks, such as:

  • Employee data management: Efficiently store and access employee information
  • Payroll processing: Minimize the likelihood of errors when it comes to your money
  • Benefits administration: Motivate employees and encourage the competitive spirit
  • Time and attendance tracking: Automate routine yet important processes
  • Performance management: Track individual KPIs of each member of your team
  • Recruitment and training: Ensure compliance with internal regulations

With an online HR management system, businesses can efficiently generate reports, manage leave and attendance, and facilitate employee self-service. It offers convenience, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness by digitizing and automating internal operations, ultimately enhancing productivity and enabling your HR department to focus on strategic initiatives. Like the idea? Let’s dive deeper into it.

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HR learning management system

An HR learning management system is a software platform specifically designed for the management and administration of training and learning activities within an organization’s human resources function. It serves as a centralized hub for organizing, delivering, and tracking employee training and development initiatives.

It enables companies to create, manage, and distribute training content, courses, and resources to employees and typically offers features such as course creation and management, content hosting and delivery, learner registration and tracking, assessment and grading, certification management, and reporting and analytics.

Organizations can use such an HR learning management system to deliver a wide range of training programs, including:

  • Onboarding for new hires
  • Compliance training
  • Skills development
  • Leadership development
  • Ongoing professional development

The system allows employees to access training materials at their own convenience, track their progress, and complete assessments or certifications.

By using an HR management system software, companies can streamline their learning and development initiatives, and ensure a bunch of things are covered at once:

  • Consistent training delivery
  • Tracking of employee progress and completion rates
  • Generating reports for compliance and performance evaluation (automatically!)

It provides a centralized and efficient way to enhance employee skills, knowledge, and overall performance within an organization.

How to choose an HR management system software

The very first and best advice you can get here is to choose an HR management system with demo access, so you can test everything beforehand and see all the benefits (or drawbacks!) for yourself.

CleverLMS is an easy-to-use yet powerful platform that offers a free demo tour with a dedicated manager who helps you get around the platform and learn it from the ground up — in a quick and simple way!

Here are some other benefits you can get with CleverLMS that you’ll like:

  • Integration: CleverLMS seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM, CMS systems, and other business applications, streamlining your operations and data management.
  • Security: CleverLMS combines cross-platform functionality with robust security features to safeguard your internal content and sensitive data.
  • Customization: CleverLMS allows for the customization of learning tasks and delivery methods, enabling you to align the platform with your unique training requirements.

If you’ve been looking for a sign to start a new chapter in your business and take internal and external HR to the next level, look no further. Request a free demo and make sure you’re opting for the best solution available on the market!

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