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Leveraging Your Business with SD-WAN Technology: 6 Benefits for Your Business

SD-WAN Technology

The software-defined wide area network or SD-WAN is a virtual wide area network that securely connects users to apps. It leverages various transport services to connect people within an organization.

These transport services include broadband internet services, long-term evolution (LTE), and multi-protocol label switching (MPLS). SD-WAN removes the trouble of traffic management from physical devices going to software.

But its agile and flexible benefits are not just for large-scale businesses. Even a small business owner can take advantage of the benefits of an SD-WAN solution. These include better network performance, integrated security solutions, a secure web gateway, and reliable connectivity.

Start leveraging your business with SD-WAN solutions to enjoy its benefits. Here are six of them that you can take advantage of for your business.

Enhanced Network Security

Digital transformation has several benefits. It can improve customer satisfaction and employee performance. But it also has risks, such as data privacy breaches and suspicious links and files. It goes without saying that security measures shouldn’t be taken lightly in any business.

Traditional WANs offer and maintain security services to several business branch offices through multiple appliances. Many SD-WAN technologies have built-in security features. But they are limited to the basic firewall and virtual private network (VPN) solutions.

Businesses seeking to enhance network security need to invest in an SD-WAN provider. They provide a wide range of in-built security features that fit your organization’s needs. These include encryption, IPS, AV, NGFW, and sandboxing capabilities.

With an SD-WAN solution, businesses can prevent incurring legal liabilities. It can also safeguard them from regulatory violations, data loss, and downtime.

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Decreased WAN-related Costs

Most businesses use MPLS as a typical substitute for SD-WANs. But its bandwidth is costly— even more, expensive than a public internet bandwidth.

If you consider location, MPLS becomes even more costly because of the time involved. Its delivery and installation time can take you weeks or months.

But it’s possible to deliver and install SD-WAN in only a couple of days compared to other virtual WAN architecture. It gives businesses a competitive advantage over other companies because it cuts the installation time.

Improved WAN Performance

Software-defined WAN can be set up to focus on traffic critical to businesses and real-time services. One good example is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which can be directed to the most efficient route.

There are several ways SD-WAN can help improve the performance of WAN. It provides and manages extra secondary transport, such as LTE or broadband.

SD-WAN technologies can also replace MPLS, allowing Ethernet to be a logical option as a single transport. Lastly, dynamic SD-WAN solutions can improve a company’s internet bandwidth. Surely, when running business operations, you’d want to avoid the frustration of a lagging internet connection.

Improved Business Agility

Companies seeking to improve their business agility should switch to SD-WAN solutions.

After all, SD-WAN technologies funnel traffic through the quickest and most dependable connection. It also decreases typical network issues like latency and jitter.

SD-WAN technologies can manage quick SD-WAN deployments, such as firewall and bandwidth. The good thing is that companies do not need to send IT personnel to remote offices to distribute their operations.

Depending on the current business requirements, companies can increase or decrease bandwidth to stay ahead of the competition.

Decreased Complexity

Digital transformation has become a complex process for many businesses. It brought several challenges, such as digital competencies and organizational culture adaptation. Employees have to get used to new processes and systems. Plus, they need extra support and better access to technology.

Failing to manage these challenges can result in poor network performances. They also need to look for onsite personnel to manage IT infrastructures. Assigning these to the same IT personnel might lead to burnout and stress.

SD-WAN solutions help simplify the infrastructure of WAN. It also automates job monitoring, traffic management, and offloading non-critical business apps.

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Decreased WAN CapEx and OpEx Costs

Companies incur capital expenditures and operating expenses during their operations.

Capital expenditures are long-term costs for improving and maintaining their infrastructure. Operating expenses are the daily costs for business operations.

So to enjoy better profits, businesses should seek to decrease these expenses.

Several companies invested in MPLS to improve network performances. But they failed to consider the costs associated with maintaining MPLS use.

These companies can replace MPLS connections with SD-WAN technologies. After all, it can connect internet users to apps while maintaining low WAN costs.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a small, medium, or large enterprise… it’s high time to invest in SD-WAN technologies. Aside from being easy to use, they’re cost-effective as well. You can save a lot of time, money, and manpower by making the switch to SD-WAN.

Find the nearest SD-WAN technology-managed service providers in your area. Improve your internet connection, business network, and performance as soon as possible!

Written by
Aiden Nathan

Aiden Nathan is vice growth manager of The Tech Trend. He is passionate about the applying cutting edge technology to operate the built environment more sustainably.

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