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Why Law Firms Need SEO

Why Law Firms Need SEO

Digital marketing for law firms utilizes in-depth strategies and technical knowledge to increase your website’s visibility and generate new leads. Unfortunately, the more traditional marketing and advertising campaign simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an essential process in digital marketing that sets up your website and business listings to draw in traffic organically rather than through paid advertising efforts. In short, the best SEO and digital marketing company will operate cost-effective, agile campaigns that set your law firm apart from the competition and prepare you for long-term success.

Legal service providers operate within an industry that can be incredibly competitive. If you want to outrank the other attorneys in your area, you’ll need considerable marketing expertise on your side for everything from strategy development to content writing and backlinking.

The right digital marketing team for your firm understands what’s required to optimize your website, increase organic traffic, and increase calls. Interested in getting started with a marketing campaign for your business? Here’s a breakdown of how the process works.

How SEO for Law Firms Works

Search engine optimization is a long-term marketing process that creates organic traffic and leads, rather than paid ones. While search and display ads are effective in the short term for boosting your visibility, SEO allows your website to rank on the first page of Google without having to pay per click.

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Website Audit

Before beginning SEO and marketing efforts, you’ll need to optimize your website, including fixing page speed concerns and tuning up the user experience to make it easier to call or otherwise contact. If you’re marketing your business off-page or paying for ads without your website being to scratch, you’re wasting your efforts. Depending on the status of your current website, you may want to purchase a new website. Most digital marketing companies have the web development resources you need to succeed in creating a unique user experience.

Keyword Research

To begin your digital marketing and SEO campaign, your marketing agency will perform in-depth keyword research and set up tracking for a few key terms relevant to your business. Keywords are terms, phrases, or words that your potential clients search when they go to Google. The keyword research process can give you and your marketing a more innovative look at what your clients want and what their questions are when they’re seeking legal counsel.

To perform keyword research, you’ll need online marketing research tools such as SEMRush and ahrefs. While most marketers have access to these tools, the cost of these platforms is rarely worth it for non-agencies. To get a look at some of the keywords that your business should target, you can visit free research websites such as Ubersuggest or Answer the Public. Your strategy will turn towards content after the keyword research phase is complete.

Content Marketing

Content for your website and Google My Business showcases your ability to help your clients while establishing authority in both the eyes of internet users and Google’s search engine algorithm. The right homepage and landing page content will introduce who your team is and what your primary practice areas are while directly the user to contact or schedule a free consultation.

However, it’s still important to build other forms of content for your website that are released regularly. For most websites, blog posts are a solid option for boosting organic traffic and drawing in relevant users, even if they are not as conversion-friendly.

Blog content for websites should answer all the questions your potential clients might have- even if they aren’t yet aware that they need a lawyer. These content pieces should be keyword optimized in the title, body paragraphs, headers, image tags, and meta descriptions.

If you can predict the questions and answers the online web users are looking for, you’ll boost leads and generate relevant search traffic simultaneously. If you’re seeking content for your website as part of your marketing campaign, make sure you’re speaking with an agency with writers who have experience working with legal services providers.

On-Page Fixes

Fixing website errors and warnings is a significant portion of continually optimizing your site for search engines. Even if you have a smaller website, with only a few pages, technical errors are inevitable. The right digital marketing services for your firm will continually monitor for errors and fix on-page issues throughout your campaign. Broken images, 404s, and low page speed scores are all examples of the type of issues you’ll need to fix if you want to reach the first page on Google.

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Reputation Management

A law firm digital marketing campaign includes careful management of your firm’s business listings through platforms such as Google My Business and Yelp Business. Responding to reviews through these listings is essential for establishing the reliability and responsiveness of your client services. Even if the review is negative, you must respond to the post as soon as possible.

You’ll also want to upload descriptions and images of your business that describe your services or identify your team. SEO professionals with experience in working with legal services clients can often fully manage this aspect of your digital presence, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Reliable Off-Page SEO

When you’re searching for a digital marketing agency for your law firm, make sure that white-hat SEO is a part of their brand. Link building is essential to boosting the relevance and authority of your website, but if this process isn’t completed in compliance with Google’s terms of service, your page may go down in the search engine rankings rather than up.

The right digital marketing agency for your website understands how to maximize the effectiveness of this process while reducing overhead costs. If your website has too many unreliable backlinks, an SEO professional can also help you clean up your backlink profile. If you’re ready to start your journey towards the first page of Google, don’t hesitate to call an SEO and digital marketing agency today.

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