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10 Best Cross Browser Testing Tools

10 Best Cross Browser Testing Tools

Cross-browser testing can be a major pain point for Software Testers. Cross-browser testing tools are available online to reduce testing effort.

This post is primarily about Software Testers and Designers who are able to understand various browser testing methods.

There are many browser compatibility test tools on the market, both paid and free. You will need to choose the right browser compatibility testing tool for your needs.

Cross-browser testing tools are an important part of any web project. You must dedicate considerable time, resources, and budget to test your website in different browsers.

Top 10 Cross Browser Testing Tools for 2022

Below is a list listing all cross-browser compatibility test tools online that can be used to test websites using multiple browsers.

1. TestComplete

Automated browser testing for compatibility checks with different operating systems and configurations

Key Features:

  • TestComplete is a UI Functional Test Automation Tool that you can use for creating and running tests on any web app.
  • Tests can be run in parallel across more than 2000 environments, without the need for any configuration or setup.
  • TestComplete’s device cloud gives you real-time access to the most recent devices, resolutions, and operating systems.

You can choose from multiple programming languages such as JavaScript or Python. Or you can use TestComplete’s script-free Record & Replay function for easy automated UI testing.

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2. LambdaTest

You can test your website on more than 2000 browsers and OS.

LambdaTest, a cloud-based cross-browser testing platform, makes it easy to perform compatibility testing of your website or web app. LambdaTest can be used to run automated Selenium scripts or perform interactive testing in real browser environments.

Key Features:

  • Selenium automation testing can be performed on a Selenium grid with 2000+ browser environments.
  • Automated screenshots and responsive testing can be done on your website.
  • Use SSH Tunnel to test your website locally or privately hosted.
  • One-click bug logging in your favorite bug tracking tools such as Asana and BitBucket, GitHub, JIRA, Microsoft VSTS, Slack, Trello, etc.
  • Support is available 24 hours a day via chat

3. CrossBrowserTesting

Your website can be tested on real desktop browsers and mobile browsers.

You can interactively test and debug your website on remote devices. Agile teams can test faster using parallel testing and integrations of CI tools such as Jenkins.

Key Features:

  • These CrossBrowserTesting tools allow you to run single and multiple screenshots as well as regression tests.
  • Its intuitive REST API allows you to access almost all of the apps.
  • You have full access to all developer tools and extensions, such as Firebug or Chrome Dev Tools.
  • Automation speed will be increased by your team using Appium cloud testing and Selenium.

4. QA Wolf

QA Wolf, the new tool that is revolutionizing the testing process for all members of the team, is called the “QA Wolf”.

QA Wolf, a little-known gem that has gained rapid adoption and more than 2,700 GitHub stars as of this writing, is not well-known. This tool is easy-to-use and has the main difference. It makes creating end-to-end tests fast, simple and powerful enough that everyone can get involved.

QA Wolf’s code generator engine is what makes this tool stand apart and earns it a place on our list. QA Wolf’s Javascript code generation engine generates test code that can be used to browse websites. This makes it simple for anyone to create and maintain correct tests. Developers can easily modify the code for more complicated workflows.

Key Features:

  • You can create tests directly from your browser. No installation or setup is required. Sign up for a free account and enter the URL to test. Then, you can start browsing your test paths.
  • Convert actions into code. No need to write boilerplate code or learn programming languages. QA Wolf creates clean Javascript code while you browse a website, allowing anyone in your team to create test cases.
  • Run the code you need. QA Wolf allows you to re-run the code that you choose for quick troubleshooting.
  • Test Vercel/Netlify deployments on a schedule or with one click. Create tests to run whenever you need them.
    Perform 100% of your tests simultaneously. Get test results in minutes, regardless of how many tests you are running.
  • Receive email alerts and Slack notifications about test results. Make sure everyone is aware.
  • Learn from failures using videos and logs. Quickly reproduce and understand failures with a video, logs, and the line of code that failed.
  • Run and fix your tests from the browser. Do not wait for a CI build or run the code locally. QA Wolf allows you to fix and maintain your tests directly from the browser.
  • Share a link to collaborate with your team. It’s quick and simple. Invite them to your dashboard, and you can start collaborating.

5. Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is the most trusted Selenium and Appium alternative to cross-browser testing. 850,000 developers and testers trust it.

Katalon Studio also offers scalable web, API, and mobile testing. This is one of the best cross browser testing tools.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and the most recent versions of Edge.
  • Chrome and Firefox offer headless browser execution support for Chrome and Firefox, which allows you to get faster feedback about performance-critical runs.
  • Flexible migration of Selenium tests from Selenium (Grid Webdriver & IDE), Postman, and SoapUI.
  • With the page-object pattern, minimal maintenance is required.
  • Self-healing mechanism for handling code and UI changes.
  • Integration with CI/CD (Jenkins Azure DevOps CircleCI Bamboo TeamCity & Travis CI)
  • Scale executions using cloud devices from Kobiton and Perfecto, SauceLabs or LambdaTest.
  • Advanced graphs for visualizing essential metrics and receiving real-time notifications after every execution (Slack Git, Git & Microsoft Team).

6. HeadSpin

The best platform for cross-browser testing of thousands of real devices

HeadSpin lets users remotely test cross-browser on thousands of devices on the cloud. Users can quickly test the responsiveness and performance of their website or mobile app, as well as load testing in real environments to ensure 100% accuracy.

Key Features:

  • For 100% accuracy, test on thousands of real devices.
  • Integration with Appium Inspector, Selenium, and Appium Inspector is easy. HeadSpin can also be used with a variety of technologies, including Charles Proxy and Android Studio, Flutter and Espresso Android,
  • Experitest, WebPage Test, FitNesse, KIF, UI Automator, Junit, XCTest, Calabash, Unified Functional Testing, TestNG, Puppeteer, Playwright, Jira, Slack, and Jenkins.
  • Securely scale your automated cross-browser testing efforts remotely with a distributed system. HeadSpin allows developers to monitor data that is not contaminated by noise using our proprietary RF-compliant hardware.

7. Browsershots

Browsershots are a way to test a website using any browser and on any operating system. Because of its many features and customizable options, this is a popular browser compatibility testing tool.

Cross-browser compatibility testing can be done with many customization options, including browser type, operating system, and screen size. Simply enter your website URL, choose compatibility test parameters, and then submit the request.

These steps must be repeated for each test. You can use this free browser compatibility service to take screenshots of websites from different browsers and operating systems. It supports 200 browser versions.

This service has a major drawback: it takes too long to display the results when you use multiple browsers, and sometimes it displays a timeout error.

Supported Browsers: Firefox and Google Chrome. Opera, Safari, SeaMonkey. Arora, Dillo. Epiphany. Konqueror. Lynx. Luakit. Rekonq. Midori. There are many other browsers that work with all versions.

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8. Turbo Browser Sandbox

Turbo Browser Sandbox lets you use most of the best web browsers on your computer without having to install them.

All popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, and Opera on your machine directly from the web, can be run directly from the internet.

Spoon Browser Sandbox started out as a free service, but is now a premium service that supports most browsers.

9. Browserling

You can use Browserling to interactively test your browsers.

Key Features:

  • This tool allows you to test your website against real browsers and real systems.
  • Interactive testing is like testing from your browser.
  • All the most recent browsers available
  • Share screenshots with your team.
  • Secure browsing
  • You can easily test responsive websites.
  • Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are available.
  • APIs available

10. Browsera

This tool is ideal for cross-browser testing layouts, scripting errors, and other issues on your website.

This automated browser compatibility test tool is used to test the functionality of a website in different browsers. This service can be used to check a website for scripting and layout errors.

Key Features:

  • Layout problems?
  • Find JS errors
  • You can test the whole website
  • Dynamic page testing
  • You can test pages behind your login password
  • Installation is optional, which is the best thing about this product.
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