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Top 10 AI Companies In The World

Top 10 AI Companies

Artificial intelligence (AI), which is a form of artificial intelligence, allows machines to see, understand, process and respond to the inputs around them, just as humans. A few companies have made AI more advanced over the years thanks to their efforts. The 2020 McKinsey global survey on artificial intelligence (AI) shows that 50% of businesses have used AI in at least one function.

This technology can be used for everything from customer service automation to healthcare innovation and predictive sales forecasting. AI can be used for any task that requires high volumes of data processing or iterative human effort. Let’s take a look at the most prominent companies that are developing artificial intelligence by 2022. They use the technology for countless applications. These companies are among the top employers for AI professionals. These are the top AI companies.

Top AI Companies

1. Amazon

Headquarter and locations: The company’s headquarters are in Seattle, Washington. It also has offices around the globe. There are 235 offices around the world.

Overview: Amazon creates AI for voice recognition, cloud-based machine learning, and Amazon Web Services (AWS ). The company was founded in 1994 and specializes in cloud technology and eCommerce. In 2015-2016, the company ventured into AI when it launched Alexa’s voice recognition-enabled range. A contest for AI innovation is also held by Amazon with prizes of up to $500,000. Amazon reported a $386 billion annual revenue in 2020, which includes AI revenues.

Services: Amazon offers its customers the following core AI services.

  • Customers can use ML to create custom solutions using AWS cloud.
  • SageMaker provides a flexible and scalable framework that allows ML developers to create ML applications.
  • Amazon Lex is the chatbot-friendly conversational AI tool of the company.

Cost of services: SageMaker offers a free tier in the initial few months and then charges based on capacity. Lex is $0.004 for a speech request and $0.00075 for a text request.

The best thing about it: Amazon uses AI to improve its online shopping experience and for other products. The company’s cloud infrastructure is a key component of its scale. Anyone new to AI can use Amazon SageMaker JumpStart to get started with deployment.

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Headquarter and locations:, with its headquarters in Redwood City (California), U.S., has five U.S. office locations across Chicago, Houston New York City, Redwood City, and Washington D.C. International offices are also available in eight countries.

Overview: offers enterprise AI solutions for consolidating data, building AI models, generating predictions, and executing pre-built or custom applications. Thomas Siebel, an American entrepreneur, founded C3 back in 2009. In 2020, the company filed for an initial public offer (IPO). reported $183.2 million in annual revenue in 2021.

Services: offers these services:

  • It provides an AI platform for application development with a model-driven architecture.
  • It offers data scientists a platform for developing AI, C3 AI Ex Machina.
  • A suite of pre-built AI applications can be used by customers in industries such as manufacturing, financial services, and customer management.

Cost of services: The majority of the offerings are custom-priced, while the C3 AI Ex Machina platform costs $25 per month.

The best thing about it: can cater to all levels of enterprise AI needs. The platform’s no-code entry-level pricing is transparent on a software-as-a-service (SaaS), model. The company’s model ops and data integration studios allow you to create complex applications.

3. DeepMind

Headquarter and locations: DeepMind also has offices in Canada and France.

Overview: DeepMind, an AI research and development company, is a subsidiary of Alphabet. It also develops AI to improve healthcare outcomes. The company was founded by three British academics, Mustafa Suleyman, Shane Legg, as well as Demis Hassabis, and Shane Legg. To make its AI algorithms more intelligent, the startup used old games from the 1970s and 1980s. In 2014, Google bought DeepMind for $500million. DeepMind reported $1.13 billion in revenue last year.

Services: DeepMind offers the following services:

  • It creates AI that is capable of solving human problems, such as understanding complex data structures like family trees or winning in Go.
  • It is responsible for the WaveNet voice technology that powers Google Assistant and the Google Cloud Platform.
  • The AlphaFold tool allows you to study 3D models of protein structures in order to speed up medical research.

Cost of services: DeepMind’s commercial costs is not disclosed.

The best thing about it: This company is involved in foundational research within the AGI segment. They have made significant progress in this area. Its ML is easy to use with minimal supervision. It also focuses on ethical and safe AI use.


Headquarter and locations: also has a U.S. office in New York City, as well as a presence in Canada, India, and Singapore.

Overview: is a cloud platform that decentralizes AI through prebuilt models, an app store, and low-code development. The company was founded in 2012 and has raised $255 million in funding. It is currently valued at $1.6billion. The company’s financial services operations are reflected in its two most recent rounds, which were led by major banks such as Goldman Sachs and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The company’s annual revenue is estimated at $47.4 million. remains in funding, having raised $100 million in November 2021.

Services: offers the following core services to its customers:

  • Through its automated machine learning (autoML), the cloud platform, you can create AI models and apps.
  • Customers can use the feature store to improve their AI applications.
  • It is an AI tool that can be used to manage documents. It classifies documents and extracts data. Then it labels the extracted data.

Cost of services: There is an open-source version you can use at no cost and a commercial version that you can purchase at a custom price.

The best thing about it: It simplifies many of the most difficult challenges in AI development. is the best. It has tools that can check for feature drift to ensure your models are accurate. It can also automatically detect any bias in application features. A free forever autoML tool is also available from the company that can be used in Hadoop and Spark environments.

5. IBM

Headquarter and locations: The company’s headquarters is in Armonk (New York), U.S. It has offices across all major regions including North America, Latin America, and Europe. It has more than 130 offices in 97 countries.

Overview: IBM’s proprietary AI engine, Watson is the most prominent feature of IBM. It is used in both commercial and research products. It provides AI for decision-making and language processing as well as intelligent task automation. IBM is the largest AI company listed. It was originally designed by Watson to compete against humans in games such as Jeopardy. Watson is now integrated into almost every workflow, including finance, HR, and supply chain management. The company reported total revenue of $73.6 billion for 2020, with approximately $1 billion coming from the IBM Watson Health division.

Services: IBM offers the following AI services:

  • IBM and MIT have partnered to create the Watson AI Lab for finance, healthcare, security, and research.
  • The company has dedicated teams that cater to AI hardware and AI testing, conversational AI (computer vision), explainable AI, and 10+ additional functions.
  • Pre-built Watson apps can be used by customers for healthcare, supply chain management, and business operations.

Cost of services: The cost of IBM Watson Assistant begins at $140 per month and Watson Studio pricing starts at $99 for each instance.

The best thing about it: IBM Watson is that it was one of the first AI systems to answer questions in natural language. It offers a wide range of products that are ready to use based on Watson. This reduces your AI development time and configuration requirements. You can also choose between cloud and on-premise deployment.

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6. Meta Platforms

Headquarter and locations: Meta Platforms, formerly Facebook, has offices in more than 80 cities in North America, Latin America, and Europe.

Overview: Meta Platforms creates artificial intelligence for immersive technology and social media. There are several AI projects underway, including AI for naturalized interactions within virtual reality environments and AI detectors to detect harmful content.

The company was founded in 2004 and has been using AI tools since its inception. It uses the technology to match people, products, and content. Meta recently announced an AI supercomputer, which can be used in hundreds of languages and create augmented reality tools. This will allow Meta to move towards the metaverse. Last year, the company reported a revenue of $85.97 billion.

Services: Meta Platforms offers the following AI services:

  • The company creates AI-based facial recognition software for use on its social media platforms.
  • Meta Platforms AI allows for more realistic interactions in virtual and augmented reality as part of Oculus’ offerings.
  • It has recently created an AI algorithm to recognize hate speech based on Linformer architecture. This allows for increased processing power for inputs that are more complex and longer.

Cost of services: Meta Platforms offers social media platforms for free to consumers. Oculus for Business is available at $799 and allows businesses to use its AI for social-media advertising.

The best thing about it: The company has released several tools, research materials, and frameworks it has created over the years. Sign up for GitHub to access its open-source library and power more flexible and robust AI.


Headquarter and locations: NICE headquarters is in Ra’anana (Israel), and has several offices across Europe, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Overview: NICE is a company that develops AI technology to support customer service and contact centers. It is a company that focuses on data-driven operations and customer relationship management (CRM). It uses AI to improve customer service, make predictive decisions, and understand customers. Recently, the company announced Enlighten AI tools that automate customer-facing tasks. The company reported $1.65 billion in annual revenue in 2020.

Services: NICE offers the following AI services:

  • It also offers CXone SmartReach which is a conversational AI system that enables proactive customer engagement.
  • It enables AI-driven self-service to be integrated throughout the customer journey.
  • It provides companies with AI- and ML-driven customer experiences analytics that helps them identify potential opportunities and points of pain.

Cost of services: The pricing for NICE CXone’s flagship product is not disclosed. However, you can get a free trial for up to 60 days.

The best thing about it: NICE provides a complete and turn-key solution for businesses looking to implement AI to enhance customer experiences. It makes use of AI in many ways, including conversational chatbots, journey analytics, AI-based call routing, and workforce intelligence. Its products all incorporate AI seamlessly, resulting in better business results.

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8. OpenAI

Headquarters & locations: OpenAI also has a Chicago office, Illinois.

Overview: OpenAI LP is a for-profit company that develops artificial intelligence models which can be used via open-source APIs. This includes code generation and language that uses AI. It is part of the parent organization, a non-profit called OpenAI INC. Its founders are Elon Musk, Samuel H. Altman, Greg Brockman, Stripe, and other artificial intelligence specialists. InstructGPT, a new learning method, was launched by the organization in 2022.

The estimated annual revenue of the company is $27.4 Million.

Services: OpenAI offers the following AI services:

  • Its AI technology is used by popular language analysis apps, such as Duolingo, a new language app.
  • It can be used for translating natural language into code to assist programming.
  • OpenAI can be used to create intelligent copy, text classification, translations, and other business problems that are related to natural languages.

Cost of services: The OpenAI API pricing (commercial usage), starts at $0.0008 for 1000 tokens. Each token is equal to approximately 750 words. You can choose from four different models: Ada, Babbage, and Curie.

The best thing about it: OpenAI is its free and open-source model. It has been instrumental in driving innovation at Microsoft, IBM, and Salesforce. GPT-3, a recently launched deep-learning system, automates language completion for text and images.

9. SenseTime

Headquarters & locations: SenseTime also has offices in China, along with its Hong Kong headquarters. It also has branches in Indonesia and Japan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, and many more countries.

Overview: Smart Cities, Smart Homes, and Smart Cars. SenseTime develops AI technologies for business operations. Tang Xiao, Xu Li, and Xu Li founded the company in 2014. They were both researchers at the time. In 2014, Tang Xiao and Xu Li created multiple white papers that outlined the future possibilities for AI technology. They partnered with Qualcomm in 2017. It is one of the founding members of the Global Artificial Intelligence Academic Alliance. The company’s most recent annual revenue was 3.4 billion Yuan, or $534 million.

Services: The following AI services are offered by SenseTime:

  • It is built on the SenseCore universal AI infrastructure which includes a hardware computing environment and deep learning companies.
  • It can be used to perform content-related tasks, such as content generation or enhancement.
  • It offers a variety of services and products for smart living. These include AI in Healthcare, automated cars, and AI-based Photo and Video Processing Software.

Cost of services: Pricing information for SenseTime is not disclosed, but you can request a trial for most offerings.

The best thing about it: SenseTime, a research-driven company, is one of the top leading AI companies in Asia in terms of revenue. It works closely with companies and governments to increase their efficiency using advanced computer visioning. It is a leading artificial intelligence company in AI development for smart cities. The SenseFoundry Enterprise offering provides these capabilities via AI as a service.

10. Salesforce

Headquarters & locations:  Salesforce’s headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. There are 50+ offices around the world, including those in the U.S.A, Asia Pacific, and Latin America regions.

Overview: Salesforce creates artificial intelligence to support customer relationship management (CRM). This intelligence is embedded within Salesforce’s Einstein AI engine and delivered as an embedded layer. The company was founded in 1999 and has been synonymous with CRM. It leverages AI to accomplish almost every task. Salesforce Einstein was launched in 2016 by the company as “artificial Intelligence for Everyone” and it continues to develop the technology while keeping ethical considerations in mind. Salesforce launched its AI Ethics model in 2021. Salesforce’s 2021 annual revenue was $21.3 billion.

Services: Salesforce offers its customers the following core services:

  • Artificial intelligence makes Salesforce CRM easier, like predicting when customers will be able to send emails.
  • With just one line of code, Einstein Platform Services allows developers to integrate AI capabilities such as image recognition, sentiment, and intent analysis into Salesforce features.
  • Einstein can be used for two main purposes: image recognition to solve object-related issues and NLP to address text-related cases.

Cost of services: Salesforce Service cloud Einstein (an AI CRM system), costs $50 per user per month, Einstein Predictions start from $75 per user per year, and Einstein Platform Services can be custom priced.

The best thing about it: Salesforce is that you can leverage AI in whatever way suits your needs. A platform based on Einstein could be built for your company. You could also use Einstein AI tools to perform specific CRM tasks such as sales forecasting, engagement scoring, and product recommendations.

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