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Top 6 AI Software for Human Resource Management

Top 6 AI Software for Human Resource Management

The HR (Human Resource Management) team is our first-choice people for anything related to hiring, administrative work, or handling queries about our records. Who do these people turn to for help? Artificial Intelligence-enabled tools are the answer.

AI software for HR has made a significant impact on the field. To help you get a better understanding of the subject, we’ve compiled a list of 6 AI-based tools that could further shape Human Resource Management.

What’s Artificial Intelligence?

Alan Turing was a great mathematician and strategist who helped the Allies win the Second World War. He asked a simple question: “Can machines think?”

The quest for the advancement of AI This is an attempt at answering this question by Turing with a YES. Simply put, Artificial intelligence refers to the intelligence displayed by machines. It is a branch of computer science that seeks to create machines capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligence.

How can AI tools help in HR management?

The advancements made possible by artificial intelligence have led to major technological advances in HR. AI-based tools can be used to supplement HR processes such as hiring, training, and employee engagement. These are the top three functions of AI software to help HR:

Onboarding and Recruitment

AI aids in streamlining the recruitment process and making it easier for users. Automated resume screening and automatic trigger of assessments speed up the process, giving recruiters more time for candidates to interact with them, build relationships and enhance the candidate experience.

AI can help HR professionals find the best candidates by analyzing and maintaining data and identifying the right characteristics in a candidate’s resume. Intelligent Screening Software also features the functionality to automate resume screening. It allows recruiter chatbots to engage candidates in real-time and digital interviews that help determine if a candidate is a good fit.

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Automating Administrative Tasks

Artificial intelligence has brought benefits to every industry by automating repetitive and predictable administrative tasks. AI software for HR can also automate administrative tasks such as organizing records and updating internal databases. They are fully automated, giving HR professionals more time to think strategically and allowing them to contribute more to the employees they serve.

Employee Engagement and Retention

It is easy for HR professionals to assess how their colleagues feel about various aspects of their job with specially designed Employee Recognition Systems (software that allows companies to recognize and reward employees in a structured way).

AI software for HR helps to improve employee engagement. It also allows the system to analyze and evaluate employee performance and make a decision on who should be promoted. It can also reduce the cost of talent acquisition and improve employee retention.

Top 6 AI software for Human Resource Management

We have listed 6 highly efficient AI tools to help you find the right tool for HR professionals

1. Entelo: Specializing in the recruitment of passive talent (people who are not actively seeking a job change).

Entelo, a tool that uses predictive analytics and NLP ( Nature Language Processing – AI-assisted capability of a computer for understanding human languages), is used by large names such as Goldman Sachs and Netflix. It is used for recruiting. It allows recruiters access to a broad range of candidate data, including veteran status, gender, and ethnicity.

Entelo is the only platform that removes all roadblocks and speeds up your pre-application process. Candidates can also apply directly from the software, or visit the company website.

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2. Harver: Specializes in volume hiring

The challenges increase as the scale of hiring increases. Harver’s AI-powered assessment software is used by many of the most successful companies around the globe. The algorithm uses science and data to predict the quality of candidates by assessing their cultural acceptance, soft skills, aptitude, and other factors. The matching data is processed automatically without the need for human interaction. This saves valuable time and doesn’t compromise on quality.

3. Talla: Specializes is in automation of processes

Talla, an AI and automation platform trusted by big brands such as PayPal, integrates with your existing systems and workflows to build machine learning-based models for routine tasks. It automates routine administrative tasks and streamlines them, allowing HR professionals to be more productive.

4. Bookafy: Specializes in automating and speeding up meeting scheduling

Meeting preparation, coordination of dates and times, follow-up email sending, etc. These are just a few of the many tasks that HR professionals have to do. Your email scheduling can now be automated with AI software for HR. Bookafy can be connected to your calendar to automate your email scheduling. Bookafy can be used to book client meetings, streamline the recruitment process, or speed up your schedule.

5. Talmundo onboarding by Talentech: Specializing in new employee onboarding

Once the recruitment process is completed successfully, Talmundo ensures that new employees stay engaged after the recruitment process is completed. The AI software for HR features gives employees a 360-degree view and allows them to introduce themselves to others using chatbots. Talmundo creates an excellent onboarding experience for new members.

6. HireEZ: specializes in employee engagement

This tool is not only useful for HR professionals but also helps them in their recruitment and also is a great solution for employee engagement. The AI engine is a powerful tool that stores information about people, places, and relationships. This allows HR to better understand employees and keep them motivated. HireEZ offers the first Healthcare AI solution, which helps organizations recruit healthcare professionals.


AI software has revolutionized HR management. This is a far cry from the days when automation of human-centric tasks was not possible. The tools we have mentioned here will give you an idea of how efficient, fast, and easy it is to work in HR. The PG Program for Management for Executives will give you a deeper understanding of HR management and teach you how to make the most of these powerful tools.

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