4 Ways To Congratulate People Using Technology Without Leaving Your House

4 Ways To Congratulate People Using Technology Without Leaving Your House

There are many times that come up in our professional and personal lives when we want to say “congratulations” to our peers and loved ones. It’s essential to let others know that you’re celebrating alongside them from the birth of a child, a wedding, or a

long wanted promotion. Though the pandemic seems to be in our rearview mirror these days, many of us will continue to work from home; others of us have already stayed up home for various reasons. Thankfully, there are ways that technology allows us to congratulate people in our lives from the comfort of our homes. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and easiest ways to do that.

Utilizing AI

Of course, starting off our list is one of the most extravagant ways you can say congratulations – a house robot! The question of whether or not humans will be friends with robots in the future is an interesting one – but why not? There are many robots on the market these days, so depending on the recipient’s age and their interests, you’ll have plenty to choose from. If you’re a parent wanting to congratulate a child, the Moxie robot is an excellent choice. If you wish to congratulate a senior, something like

Care-O-Bot or ElliQ are great choices. Spend some time doing research and keep the recipient in mind – but robots are worth the splurge as a congratulatory present if you can afford it.

Digital Cards

Whether you want to send funny birthday ecards or congratulations to a graduate, sending ecards is still a great way to get things done. While handwritten notes are great, they often get tossed in the recycling bin after a week or so. The great thing about ecards is they can be opened again and again by the recipient for either a great laugh or a touching reminder of how much they mean to you.

Additionally, they don’t contribute to landfill waste and are a quick and sustainable way to say hello to those we care about. There are several platforms to choose from when it comes to sending ecards, but sites like JibJab are your best bet if you want to keep things fun and creative. If you’re looking for something with a luxe feel, Ojolie Cards is another option.

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Many other sites offer these services, but the two mentioned earlier are the most popular and user-friendly.

Video Chatting

These last couple of years, we’re all more familiar than ever with sites like Zoom, Skype, or even using FaceTime in ways we never did. Video chatting has roared back in full force and isn’t going anywhere soon. While text messages are great to wish an acquaintance happy birthday or congratulations when it’s someone you care about, put

in the time to meet face to face. If you don’t have that time, video chatting is a fantastic option to spend some time together “face to face” virtually to congratulate the person and talk about what’s going on in each other’s lives.

Ordering Presents

Let’s face it; we’re all accustomed to ordering the things we need and having them show up today on the same day or shortly after. It’s a great feeling – and one worth passing along as a form of congratulations to someone else. Use your laptop to send an edible arrangement or bouquet of flowers quickly. Additionally, you can go the extra mile and sign someone up for a subscription service for something they would utilize daily. Put

more thought into it and make sure it’s something they’re interested in – like a book club, a wine delivery service, even pet toys are wonderful congratulatory presents for a cat

lover. Many websites offer these services to cater to the recipient’s interest, a home run.

One of the ways we love to celebrate holidays, milestones, and other special occasions, is through showing those we’re celebrating how much we care – through gifts, cards, and food. All of the ways mentioned above utilize technology to help us do that. Please take advantage of how our lives are forever made more comfortable and more accessible through the ingenuity of others. And enjoy the celebration!

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