Best Android Keylogger: How to Choose a Working App

Best Android Keylogger

Best Android Keylogger: How to Choose a Working App

We all love having some peace of mind. But as adults, we face the uncertain risk of our kids mingling with the wrong crowd or our spouses kindling a clandestine love affair. Using a keylogger for Android can help you keep track of their messages and keep them away from any unexpected digital perils.

Read on to discover the best keylogger for Android.

What is a Keylogger?

Keyloggers are special tools/apps that detect and store your target user’s keystrokes. Once installed, your preferred keylogger app immediately starts recording all the letters, words, and phrases that your loved ones type on their phones. It is also important to know what is keylogger to know how to detect keylogger on Android or iPhone.

The word keylogger is actually a truncation of keystroke logger. Simply put, it’s software that tracks each individual keystroke and logs it inside a secure folder. You can view all logged data remotely from the dashboard of your tracking app.

But how does this remarkable tool even work? Keylogger apps can be downloaded and installed on any target Android device. Once this process is complete, it’s mandatory to provide all the required permissions and wait for your spouse/kids to use their phones for a while.

The best Android keylogger tools should be able to intercept all the keywords typed into browsers, sent SMS messages, social media chats, and even application login details. All the information gathered by your keylogger will help you understand whether your kids are being bullied or your partner is cheating.

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In addition, you can log into your loved ones’ social media accounts using their credentials as captured by your keylogger. By monitoring their chats and posts, you’ll discover who they’re talking to and strategize on how you’ll keep them safe from dangerous online predators.

What Makes mSpy Stand Out?

mSpy is a popular spy app that offers the best Android keylogger today. This tracking app’s keylogging feature provides a wide range of benefits.

mSpy is a highly discreet app that monitors your target user’s messages, chats, and online activity without raising their suspicion. As parents, it’s vital to supervise your kids’ digital behavior. Using a powerful parental control app such as mSpy can help safeguard the wellbeing of all your children.

Although most parents have warmed up to the idea of utilizing monitoring software to check on their kids, others are still indifferent to the dangers posed by social media and the entire digital space. The advantages of using tracking apps such as mSpy are too many to be swept under the rug.

Apart from offering the best keylogger for Android, mSpy provides some powerful features that include:

  • Social media monitoring – you can conveniently see all incoming and outgoing chat messages on WhatsApp, LINE, Instagram, and other social media platforms
  • GPS Location tracking – with mSpy, you can locate where your loved ones are in real-time.
  • Geofencing – the app allows you to set safe and forbidden You’re alerted whenever your kids enter the forbidden zones or exit the safe zones.
  • Call recording – wondering what they’re talking about all day? mSpy records entire call conversations to help users discover who their loved ones talked to and what was said.

Although mSpy operates remotely, you’ll need physical access to the target device for installation.

What Other Solutions Can You Try?

None of the best Android keylogger apps can be installed remotely. You’d need to obtain the target phone physically and install the keylogger. Gladly, some of these apps operate remotely after setup.

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Here are 4 more keylogger apps you can try:

1. Spyzie

This app is equipped with an Android keylogger that organizes keystrokes based on the specific apps they’re made. You can check all words, login credentials, messages, and searches made by your target user.


XNSPY’s Android keylogger records every keystroke made on major messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype.

3. The Truth Spy

Apart from recording your target’s keystrokes, this tracking app’s Android keylogger allows users to access social media login information and check the user’s browsing history

4. MobiStealth

MobiStealth offers a powerful keylogging feature that allows users to monitor key logs remotely and access the timestamp of every logged activity. Anything your kid types are logged and can be accessed on the keylogger app’s dashboard.


Parents are like rudders to a ship. They mold their children’s behaviors and keep them safe from malicious people. As such, it’s their responsibility to monitor their kids using modern apps such as mSpy.

Using a competent keylogger for Android will certainly provide all the information you need to keep your loved ones safe.

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