Top 10 Free Shutterstock Alternatives

Free Shutterstock Alternatives

Shutterstock is a fantastic service that lets you find 161 million royalty-free images. However, sometimes they aren’t enough, and people search for free shutterstock alternatives.

Shutterstock isn’t cheap for those with a limited budget However, there is good news is that there are alternatives to Shutterstock. They are equally great and totally free to make use of.

Today we’ll highlight some excellent websites that allow you to get royalty-free images. Some even have music and videos, too. However, before you decide to incorporate them into your work, be sure that you credit all images.

Top 10 Free Shutterstock Alternatives

Although they don’t offer the same amount of stock as Shutterstock to finish your project, we have an overview of top free Shutterstock alternatives which allow you to download images and videos for free for your projects.

1. Foter

Foter is among the most famous Free stock photo hosting websites. While it’s double the size in size, the image quality is not as great as Shutterstock. With 335 million images 220 million are available to commercialize.

Since it’s free, however, you are required to credit the photographer’s work when it is commercialized. This is the largest site that offers royalty-free images. It is a great resource for the finalization of your project.

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2. Unsplash

If you are looking to download a high-resolution image, Unsplash is the best alternative. It’s a social network that has more than 40,000 members. Unsplash is a standardized interface that allows you to easily locate relevant images.

It’s a great alternative to Shutterstock. It only requires credit for the artist. It is licensed royalty-free meaning that anyone can utilize it commercially.

3. Pexels

It’s a small website when compared with others. It is primarily outdoor pictures of crowds, landscapes, and more. It is on Pexels. Photos are available to use for personal or commercial use. This is among the top websites if you need professional and free photos.

4. Pixabay

Pixabay is among the biggest image stock sites and holds more than one million images. The images are all covered by a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, which means you can make use of them for commercial uses without cost. The quality of images is also top-notch. It is among the most popular royalty-free stock image websites.

5. Splitshire

If you’re in search of photos that are unique, Splitshire is one of the most popular sites. The site is a result of 10 years of dedication as the site owners only have the ability to take photos and upload them.

There are many categories, such as abstract technology, architecture, and more. On this website. The most popular categories are the places and buildings where you can find top-quality photos.

6. FreeImages

This is another website for downloading a free stock image. You must sign into the site, and you are able to download as many photos as you’d like. Thanks to its licensing option it allows you to use images for commercial purposes.

There is no requirement to credit the photographer. This is a great alternative for those looking for an alternative that isn’t as difficult to use as Shutterstock.

7. Gratisography

Its interface is stunning, and Gratisography hosts high-resolution and professional images. Photos are classified into various categories. The website is attractive with a stylish color scheme and professional photographs.

Similar to other websites You can utilize the photos for personal or commercial purposes. It is also not necessary to credit the photographer. Find the photo and finish your work with Gratisography.

8. The Stocks

The Stock is a website that shows images from a variety of free stock image websites available for download. Because it’s made up of several websites, it can be very difficult to load. The site doesn’t also have clearly-defined categories.

We have included this website as one of the most popular alternatives to Shutterstock in part because it offers free audio, videos, and more.

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9. Burst

You may have heard of Shopify which is a platform that allows users to build eCommerce websites. Burst was the idea of Shopify to ensure that users could utilize free stock images when building their sites.

The greatest part is Shopify did not limit it to only customers’ use. It was made available to anyone who would like to make use of it. Professionals who pay for it capture the images in Burst which means they can provide quality images.

But, the collection is less than the other collections, but it’s expanding in a positive direction.

10. IOS Republic

IOS Republic IOS Republic can help you discover some incredible gems in the search for images that are available in stock. Even though you might be able to be disappointed by the low quantity but that’s not anywhere near the high quality of content that it offers.

It offers a variety of vivid images that range from nature, architecture technology, engineering, and many more. The pictures are of high quality with frequent updates. So, test this out if want to find some stunning images to use in your work.

Final word — Top alternative to Shutterstock

These were the best alternative to Shutterstock. They can be a good choice if you’re on a limited budget and need some amazing royalty-free images.

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