Nexar One Honest Review

Nexar One Honest Review

If you’re planning to go on a long road trip, you’ll probably want to check what Nexar has in store for you – enter Nexar One, one of their most powerful dash cams and it comes at a promotional price to boot.

As we write, Nexar One is available at a promotion price of $199.95 (It’ll be $299.95 once the promotional period ends), and those who are lucky enough to have a certain code called SUMMERONE can get an additional $100 off the entire cost, which makes the price look pretty pocket-friendly.

So, now that we know how much Nexar One costs, let’s get on with the Nexar One review and find out if it’s worth your time.

What’s Nexar One all about?

Powered by Sony STARVIS industrial sensors, Nexar One will win you over with its simple yet rock-solid design, seamless setup, and superlative 4K resolution.

Armed with the ability to record the world around your vehicle from two different angles, exterior, and interior, Nexar One is a wide-ranging weapon of choice aimed at all those who value peace of mind above everything else.

With an ultra-wide view of 140° outside and 160° inside, this comprehensive dash cam can capture everything jumping in and out of the frame making sure you and your loved ones are constantly under the watchful eye of a camera lens. And when night falls, Nexar One’s interior camera will swiftly switch to infrared night vision to ensure that footage taken in darkness is as clear as day.

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We should also note that Nexar One is a network-connected dash cam which means that its users can Livestream videos from their vehicle

Like its predecessors, Nexar One will also supply its users with unlimited cloud storage – and it does that at no additional cost. Also, all video footage stored on the cloud is backed up automatically, making sure all your recordings are safe and sound.

Another noteworthy feature of Nexar One is its parking mode and it can come in handy in case something happens to your vehicle while it’s parked and the engine is turned off – such as hit and runs, attempted vehicle theft, or vandalism.

Nexar One also provides its users with emergency steaming alerts, meaning it will alert your emergency contacts if you end up in a car crash or you can tell Siri to alert your contacts if you are pulled over by the police – just remember to set up a contact right away.

Bearing all this in mind, it’s no surprise that Nexar One is considered to be one of the tops picks for Uber and Lyft drivers, as well as for truckers. However, to get a hold of the connectivity features such as live streaming and live alerts, you’ll have to purchase the Nexar Connect add-on and it will set you back $9.99 per month.

This means you’ll be spending $9.99 each month in addition to a one-time payment of $199.95, which is the current cost of the dash cam – however, to be fair, it’s still a reasonable price.

Another question you might be asking yourself is what makes Nexar One different from other Nexar dash cams, so let’s get down to it.

Well, the main thing that sets Nexar One apart is its ability to record in 4K as well as its +Connectivity add-on we’ve covered above.

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So, what’s the catch?

Since all this sounds good, perhaps even too good to be true, you’re probably wondering what’s the catch, right?

Well, while our venture with Nexar One went without significant shortcomings, it wasn’t true for some users. For instance, a few users found Nexar One’s “smart” app not to be so smart after all – that is, there were some confusing disconnections between the dash cam and smartphone it was connected to.

Also, it seems that the only way to download or share the 4K video is to upload it to the cloud first and then do the rest, which isn’t as convenient as it should be.

Another thing that might put off some users is the lack of screen on the device itself – it means you’ll have to open your smartphone to check if everything is working as it should. However, this is hardly a piece of breaking news.

Should you pick up Nexar One straight away?

The short answer is yes, you should. While there are some slight shortcomings with a not-so-smart app, this is only a negligible nuisance with an otherwise splendid dash cam.

Nexar One is simple to set up and use, fully featured and provides superb value for money – particularly if you get it at a promotional price.

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