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Everything You Need to Know About B2B List Building in 2022

B2B List Building

If you are working with clients and building your own B2B business, it’s very important to know the basic B2B methods that will improve your marketing efforts. Your B2B list forms form the entire foundation of your marketing strategy.

Companies that don’t take special care of their active B2B lists suffer from outdated irrelevant data, which costs them time, customers, and potential revenue. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about B2B list building.

What is B2B list building?

B2B list building is explained as the process of making a list that contains contacts that a business can reach and further communicate to generate and build leads. Companies that have access to B2B lists basically have a really great advantage at contacting relevant professionals in a particular industry.

There are many organizations out there that provide B2B listing services, these organizations make sure their lists are always as accurate and efficient as possible. Effective B2B list services provide you with beneficial information like a name, title, phone number, email address, and mailing address. Which is amazing as it gives you even greater opportunities.

As research shows, almost 90% of B2B organizations rely on email marketing to reach customers and distribute content. That’s why the more details you can get about a lead, the better. Just imagine contacting a company using its name and title, that’s another level of personalization that grabs attention.

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The most common use cases of tech data lists for businesses

Tech data lists play a big role in the success of the sales team’s outreach strategies. The well-organized lists help to better understand the company’s customers and show ways certain operations can be improved.

According to research, 50% of the content created by B2B marketers is focused on creating brand awareness or interest, and data lists can be very helpful in the process. So let’s take a look at some other specific tech data list use cases.

Lead generation

As we have already mentioned marketing teams a few times throughout this article, it is no surprise that they are the most common users of tech data. Businesses supply their sales and marketing teams to enhance their strategies, boost lead generation, and therefore increase conversion rates.

One use case example would be for your business to track other companies’ technographic data, with the right insights you’ll know whether it’s worth contacting them, and will their current tech stack benefit from your software.

Outbound sales

Outbound sales are classified as outbound when a sales team contacts the prospect first, not the other way around. This can be done using tech data lists, the email addresses and phone numbers they provide are your main way of contacting prospects.

This is quite a controversial topic, as many believe contacting prospects is a waste of time since you have to reach out, explain everything, and in return, there is no guarantee that they will be interested. However, with the right insights and convincing, you are almost a hundred percent guaranteed to score a qualified lead.

A study also showed that a minimum of 50% of your initial prospects don’t require the products or services you offer, meaning you just need the right approach.


Tech data has the potential to enhance companies’ research and analysis process, and improve risk analysis, market growth, and competitive analysis. More specifically, competitive analysis is defined using firmographics, technographics, and intent data of other companies.

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Main benefits of using B2B list building

If you still have some questions on whether you should invest in B2B data lists, just read the following business benefits that will be hard to ignore.


One of the first benefits that leap to mind whenever one thinks of B2B data lists is the amount of saved time. Time is one of the most valued aspects, especially when it comes to running a business.

If you’re trying to generate leads, gathering phone numbers and email lists manually, it’s both very time-consuming and leads to poor-quality data sets. Whereas B2B data lists can help you reduce time spent on this task drastically.

Increased revenues

With B2B data you can separate contacts that are truly interested in your business and those who aren’t likely to lead. This means that B2B supplies you with greater chances to make a valuable lead. B2B data lists are often described as investments that pay off quickly and further help grow your profit.

International contacts

As B2B data lists are available for many countries across the world, you can gain some great international contacts. Analyze data sets and figure out where your brand fits better, what country it’s worth expanding to, what audience should you pay more attention to, etc.


B2B data lists can be very beneficial for your business. Yet, it’s key that you find a perfect provider that delivers up-to-date data and beneficial insights. With all that said, we hope that you are more comfortable with the topic of B2B data lists and aren’t going to miss such a great business opportunity.

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