Best 8 Programming Languages for Hacking

Programming Languages for Hacking

Best 8 Programming Languages for Hacking

Hacking ethically is the act of entering networks legally with the purpose of finding weaknesses hackers could exploit to gain access to the network. These hacking efforts are designed to find exploits in networks before they become dangerously exploited by attackers, and fix them quickly to prevent attacks. Let’s dive into the article to find out why programming languages are so important for hacking, and which programming languages will be the most popular in 2021.

Why are Programming Languages Important in Hacking?

Knowing how to program in a programming language will help you be more self-sufficient. It will also equip you with the skills to quickly exploit programs. Understanding how a program works is important, even though exploit creation takes place mainly in assembly code with debuggers.

You will be able to write your own exploits in C/C++, rather than using Metasploit’s frameworks. You can also learn programming to create your own malware that antivirus software won’t be able to detect.

Most hacking tools can be downloaded open-source and are free to use. If you have basic programming skills, it is easy to use hacking tools and improve them.

Before you start learning the basics of hacking, it is important to learn how to code and build a solid foundation.

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Best Programming Languages for Ethical Hackers

1. C Programming

C programming hacking is the holy grail among current programming languages. It’s not surprising that C programming is used to hack security sectors. C programming is a low-level language that can be used to obtain low-level hardware components like RAM. C is a programming language that security professionals use to manage hardware and server resources at a lower level. It can also be used by penetration testers to create lightning-fast socket programming scripts.

2. C++ Programming

C++ is the best programming language to break into business applications. Hackers will need to do some reverse engineering as most business software is licensed under a proprietary license. C++ is the hacking language that allows for low-level access to the machine code, and thus defeats all activation methods. You can break software used by businesses and create your own hacking applications by learning C++.

3. SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. This hacking programming language is most commonly used by ethical hackers. This language can be used by an ethical hacker to access data from databases. SQL is the most powerful tool to hack into corporate databases, as web-based software often stores sensitive information like user passwords. You will not be able to defend against database attacks until you are familiar with the Structured Query Language.

4. PHP

PHP is a server-side programming language used to create web pages. PHP is a server-side programming language that allows for the creation of web pages. This knowledge will help online hackers to use good web hacking strategies.

PHP is a server-side language. A PHP custom application can be created that modifies a web server and makes it more vulnerable to attacks.

PHP is the most popular server language used by web domains. You can protect yourself against malicious attacks by knowing PHP. PHP is the backbone of many content management systems. PHP can help you protect or corrupt websites.

5. Python

It is frequently regarded as the most popular language for hacking. Python will be the most popular programming language for hacking in 2020. This is how ethical hackers create their hacking programs on the spot. Python can do almost anything if used correctly. It can automate the majority of hacking programs and check the integrity of corporate systems.

6. JavaScript

The creation of the node.JS Project deserves our appreciation. Javascript is now the best programming language to exploit online applications. When it comes to JavaScript cross-site script development, many security professionals follow the lead of black hat hackers. Javascript can be used to hack both the front-end and back-end web technologies. This makes it a popular tool for hackers looking to hack even the most intricate and complex web applications.

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7. Ruby Programming

Ruby is frequently regarded as one of the best programming languages for breaking into business systems. In terms of syntax, it’s very similar to the Python hacking language. Although both languages can automate conventional hacking programs, ruby seems to be more focused on online hacking. It was the foundation language for Metasploit’s most popular penetration testing system.

8. Assembly

For breaking into primitive systems, Assembly has often been considered the best programming language. Although it is the most powerful hacker language, it can be very difficult to master. This hacking language is able to control low-level system processes, which makes it ideal for creating fast and effective hacking programs.

This is a great tool for creating malware such as trojans or viruses. It’s ideal for creating malware like trojans and viruses.


This post will examine the most popular programming languages for hackers, cybersecurity, and other related topics. Each language offers its own advantages, and depending on how well you study, one may be easier than the other. This article should answer the question: “What programming languages do hackers use?” While there are many options for ethical hacking programming languages, Python is a popular choice for hackers to create exploits and fix systems.

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