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Office apps have been a great source of productivity for a long time. They serve various reasons, such as drafting documents, making presentations and spreadsheets, as well as keeping an eye on what’s happening. There is no productivity suite with them out, as almost everyone uses them, including children.

The atmosphere of the office suite has not changed much over the past few years. The existing apps have been developed over the past few years however, it requires an immense release to overtake the top players of the business world. With the exception of small changes to the brand, most of the content here is exactly the same as it did just five times before. Here are the latest top office apps and Microsoft Office Alternatives. There are separate lists of spreadsheet applications Word apps, spreadsheets, and presentation software should you wish to look over the options on a more detailed scale.

Top 10 Office Apps for Android

1. AndrOpen Office

AndrOpen Office is the first Android version of the well-known OpenOffice. It comes with a complete set of office applications which include the word processor, Excel function as well as PowerPoint software along with a host of other apps. There’s also drawing software along with an equation editing program (for those spreadsheets).

There’s nothing to discuss, really. It can handle all types of files you’ll encounter during your normal life. It also supports a lot of other file types that are more specific to your needs. The processors and editors are adequate for the majority of tasks. It’s also completely open-source and is free. It has a cloud storage app with Google Drive,, Dropbox, OneDrive, and your own hardware should you have it. It’s a great free choice even if it has some bugs in and out.

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2. Docs to Go

Docs to Go is an older, but well-established office software that has been around for a long time. It’s always receiving upgrades and new functions. It’s got the basics including Word processing, spreadsheet editing, and editing of presentations. It does a great job of letting you perform these tasks with a minimum of a setup. The paid version allows password-secured files, saves file cloud storage¬†websites, and syncs your files to your desktop. It’s not perfect for every scenario however it’s among the most reliable office applications.

3. Google Drive (Google Workspace)

Google Drive is a favorite among our readers. It offers a wide range of office software, including the PDF Viewer Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.¬† Google Drive is the best free Microsoft Office Alternative. The drive is the central hub. It’s essentially an online storage application that lets you browse your files as well as create new ones. Any time you open a document on Google Drive Google Drive will automatically open the appropriate application. The process is completely free unless you want to increase the size of the size of your Google Drive space.

Google recently announced that it will make it’s Google Workspace offering free. It offers new features and integrates with Gmail and also includes features such as chat functions. It’s a little excessive for personal use but we don’t know if it will remain free for all time. But, it’s an excellent choice overall and it’s completely free for this moment, at the very minimum.

4. Microsoft Office

Microsoft has been a shrew at creating its Office apps for mobile devices. They immediately were ranked among the top once they became available. It is possible to download Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint at no cost. The majority of their features are free of charge. You’ll be able to save and open files, utilize the majority of editors, and much more. These files can be stored on your desktop through OneDrive. You can also purchase the Office 365 subscription which will allow you to access additional options. But, it’s not required to get the basic features.

5. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is basically exactly what the name implies. It allows you to remotely control your Microsoft PC via your smartphone. It’s a little bit of work to set up. It is essential to get your computer ready to allow remote access, and then connect it to this application. After this, you’ll be able to accomplish anything you like. This includes accessing your office apps on your personal computer. This is a bizarre workaround it’s a legitimate one.

Chrome Remote Desktop is another fantastic app that can do exactly the identical job. Microsoft Remote Desktop doesn’t work well on Chromebooks at the moment However, keep an eye on future updates that could add the functionality. Microsoft has just retired the older version of the program, and we’ve changed our link to the latest version.

6. OfficeSuite

OfficeSuite is a popular choice for many people. The application has evolved considerably since its beginning days. The developers appear to be moving the app into something more similar in comparison to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. This way, they can have cloud storage in addition to the office suite. The majority of the functions are accessible in the free version, and this is great news.

The paid version includes PDF scanning as well as a font package that is compatible with Microsoft and a spell-checker and more features for document support. It’s one of the top-standard office apps. It’s one of the most expensive. The Pro version costs $19.99 and the upgraded pro version costs $29.99. Both are single-pay options, not subscriptions.

7. Polaris Office

Polaris Office is a lot similar to OfficeSuite. It was an effective, basic office suite. The application isn’t easy or tinier anymore. It has a lot of options, including the basics like note-taking, document search encryption, secure files, and support for different formats. It supports PDF as well as Microsoft documents. The free version is usable for those who can tolerate the annoying ads. It also offers $3.99 or $5.99 per month of subscriptions. These subscriptions offer additional features, such as the capability to access the app on more than 3 devices, along with additional cloud storage. The subscription plans aren’t ideal but it’s suitable for basic tasks provided you’re okay with ads.

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8. Quip

Quip is among the newest office apps that are on the list. It’s also among the few that are completely free. It’s got a tiny but good collection of options. It also lets you work on documents with others. It’s a chat that allows you to communicate with people when you are editing documents. Additionally, you can get help for cross-device sync offline support, as well as different export options. Additionally, it has Cloud storage capabilities. Quip isn’t around as long as other office applications but it’s still better than most of them.

9. SmartOffice

Smart Office 2 is another one of the few free Office apps. The app was originally priced at money. At some point, they decided to offer it completely free of charge. It has all the essential features you’d expect, with support for spreadsheets, word processing, and presentations. It also supports Microsoft Office documents from 2013 and onwards. It can also be used to open (and download) documents in PDF format, certain images, as well as WMF and EMF-type files. The interface is simple and clean. It’s an excellent choice when you don’t require too much.

10. WPS Office and PDF

WPS Office was once called Kingsoft Office. However, despite the name change it’s still among the most used office apps on Android. The features offered include the ability to view and convert PDFs as well as basic tasks (documents spreadsheets, presentations, documents) as well as many more. It also has support for wireless printing and support for Microsoft formats, and the ability to support 46 languages. It is one of the top free office software. It offers an optional subscription that includes cloud storage, however, it’s not needed for those who are already using Google Drive or other solutions already.

Conclusion¬† — Top Office Apps

The best office apps provide a seamless and efficient experience for productivity tasks. They offer robust features, intuitive interfaces, and compatibility across devices. Popular Microsoft Office Alternatives include Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and WPS Office, each tailored to different preferences and ecosystems.

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