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5 Best Strategies for Increasing and Tracking Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement

Audience engagement with translates into important, trackable metrics such as page views and emails opened. To understand your customers and to determine how to best engage them, survey your audience. To connect with prospects and customers, use journey maps, customer surveys, and marketing automation software.

Engaging your customers, regardless of your industry, is crucial. Your brand’s relevance and freshness will be maintained by audience participation, whether you are looking to create new leads or communicate with customers.

Audience engagement is measured in metrics such as page views, emails opened, and Twitter interactions. You don’t have to analyze every metric. However, it can be helpful to focus on certain metrics in order for you to reach your goals.

Five essential strategies to build and track audience engagement were developed by communications experts. Here are the essential strategies to build and track audience engagement.

Strategies to increase and track audience engagement

Your marketing plan should be engaging current customers and bringing in new business. There are many proven ways to keep customers interacting with your brand.

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These are five strategies that experts recommend to increase and track audience engagement.

1. Know your audience

Audience engagement is an essential marketing element. Build your brand by knowing your customers. Also, understand your target audience. Who is following your brand? Would you like your brand to be followed by someone else? Has your audience changed?

Chevon Drew, senior communication manager at Colorlines and Race Forward, stated that sometimes your audience is different than the one you intended to communicate with.

He took baby wipes as an example. “A business can market baby wipes to parents for five years, and experience an increase in sales. However, it could also survey its customers to discover a significant uptake in baby wipes being used to remove makeup.

Drew stated, “That’s an example that I invented.” It illustrates the idea behind less assuming and greater surveying.

2. Use engagement to achieve company goals

Your marketing and communications departments might be separate depending on the size of your company. They should meet whenever revenue generation is discussed.

Elizabeth Riley Boyer, ex-VP of marketing and communications at ThinkCERCA, said that it is important to ensure that audience engagement initiatives are aligned with your company’s overall goals.

She suggests following the OKR framework. Google, Intel, and other large corporations use the term “OKR” to refer to company “objectives and measurable key results. Each key result describes how employees can collaborate in achieving an objective.

Riley Boyer said, “Almost all businesses have some kind of revenue metric.” “ThinkCERCA has great data about platform usage which results in great student achievement results which lead to increased customer expansions and renewals. My team is currently focusing on launching and growing engagement programs that support increased platform use among students and teachers.

Your engagement strategy should align with your brand image, not just your revenue goals. Tony Tran, the media marketing expert, pointed out that Wendy’s approach is different than the one Starbucks or Nike use.

You can engage in educational, supportive, and humorous ways, but your engagement should be consistent. It should reflect your company’s image and help you achieve your goals.

3. Hire an expert

Drew spends an average day tracking which links get the most retweets on Twitter and Facebook shares and then analyzing open rates for their marketing emails.

Christina Ochoa, social-media strategist and founder of The Social Butterfly Gal recommends that you hire a professional who is proficient in social media for business. She uses powerful visuals and analytics to market her clients on Instagram.

Ochoa stated that digital strategy can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Small business owners need someone who is familiar with the digital world, can respond quickly and [who] doesn’t mind trying new things in terms of strategy or content.”

An experienced professional does not have to be in the field, as social media is easily accessible. Your following and the content they create can tell you how successful or unsuccessfully you grab an audience.

4. Do not be afraid to try a new experiment

Digital media is always changing. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are constantly adding analytics features and engagement tools. To find the best digital platforms and email marketing experiments.

Riley Boyer stated that “our audience engagement editor is continually testing subject lines and [the] most effective times to send a tweet,”

Avoid getting too wrapped up in the image your brand should have. You could lose your authentic voice. A promotional tone can make content less relatable.

For new companies that are just starting to establish their voice, authenticity is crucial. Ochoa said that too many people feel social media should be straightforward. Don’t be afraid of being real. This is how people will feel connected and want to follow your example.

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5. Create an engaging website

President of Pole Position Marketing Stoney deGeyter offered some tips to increase audience engagement on your website.

  • Your website should be optimized for speedy loading. Website speed is often overlooked in website design. DeGeyter stressed how important it is to have a website that loads quickly and works efficiently.
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Mobile and social media shopping are growing rapidly. Your website should look equally good on a tablet or phone as it does on a desktop computer.
  • Create a landing page that is effective. Give your visitors options to navigate the website landing pages in a way that suits their needs. This increases their likelihood of lingering on your site, which can increase engagement and provide you with more opportunities for recording their interactions. Clear calls for action (CTAs ) will help customers and prospects move through your sales process.

Tools to track and build audience engagement

These four tools will help you integrate audience engagement strategies into your daily business operations.

Journey maps

A journey map is a visual representation of how customers interact with your brand and allows you to identify the touch points that lead your customers from learning about your business to purchasing your products. You can make sure that each touchpoint meets customer expectations.

Programs such as UXPressia and Lucidchart, along with Microsoft Visio. You can create flowcharts that detail the customer’s journey through your sales funnel. This could include their journey to your website, including where they came from and the actions they took on your site.

To see your complete journey map, Where you can optimize your users’ experience with your business.

Customer surveys

A customer Survey is the best way to find out what your customers think about your brand. By listening to your customers, you can identify the best ways for your company to improve its products and services.

SurveyMonkey, Typeform, Start question, and Typeform are all survey tools that allow customers to give feedback. These tools make it easy to organize customer responses into useful information that can be used for your business.

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Marketing automation

Marketing automation software automates your marketing activities without you having to monitor them. All tasks can be automated, including social media updates, email marketing, and message marketing. Automating your marketing lets you connect with customers on different platforms and allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Marketing automation software collects customer data in order to create engaging, relevant content. To help businesses select the best marketing automation software, we reviewed them. Here are some options to consider:

  • HubSpot: was our choice for the best small business marketing automation platform. It is simple to use and can be scaled. For more information, please read our HubSpot review.
  • Oracle: Eloqua was our choice for the best enterprise marketing automation system. Eloqua is an effective system for large teams and companies.
  • Pardot: has been our choice for the best marketing automation tool. You can create high-quality content quickly and easily with its robust features.
  • Zoho: Campaigns was awarded our award for the best low-cost marketing automation tool. This simple solution is easy to use and understand.

Live chat

Live Chat gives your customers an easy chat to ask questions about products and services This audience engagement feature enables allows you to have a productive dialogue with customers. This will keep them coming back. They don’t need to call you or come by your place of business.

Live chat can help you find common problems your customers have. This support is valued by customers and leaves them with a positive experience. Small businesses have many options for live chat, including Intercom, LiveAgent, and Sendinblue.

Conclusion — Audience engagement strategies

When you are implementing audience engagement strategies, don’t be afraid to tell your business’s story and mission. These elements allow customers to connect with your company. You can use the data you collect from surveys to create a personal experience that lets customers know that you care about their best interests.

You’re well on your way to adopting customer-focused business models with all of the above methods and the tools you have to implement them. This gives existing buyers more reasons for bringing their businesses to you and makes it easier to start selling to new customers.

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