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How to Expand the Business to New Markets?

How to Expand the Business to New Markets

In 2022, the global market offers a plethora of opportunities to both consumers and online vendors, thanks to the Internet. However, the global expansion also brings up one problem most businesses struggle with. What is it? We are talking about mobile app localization here.

Mobile app localization helps to introduce products/services to other cultures the right way. And you pretty much will have to deal with this challenge if you want to conquer international markets. Who can help? Solveit gives a definite answer to this question: app localization services.

So, read this post for some useful tips on how/where to start preparing your business for global expansion. Also, we’ll tell you why mobile app localization is so important.

Find a customs broker you can rely on

Dealing with a reliable customs broker is crucial since this end-to-end service will handle most of the stuff including warehousing and distribution. Your customs broker will prepare all proper documentation needed and file entry documents via the Internet after reviewing.

While choosing a customs broker, you need to make sure:

  • They can prove their experience in handling international shipments (ask to show references);
  • You get along well with this service provider;
  • Your broker knows all the ins and outs of documentation’s specifics like licenses, certificates, and shipment documents required by countries you’re interested to ship to;
  • Your broker would be able to clear your shipments through customs fast and with no hassle.

Make sure ahead of time that you establish clear communication with your broker. Your customs broker should be able to provide you with information on other countries’ shipping restrictions/limitations since a fast and efficient clearance is key to success.

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Build a solid network for your business

No doubt, a solid network helps any business to strive for success and expand faster. Having the ability to build connections is the main ingredient of any brand’s growth. More connections equal more outstanding business opportunities. How to start on that? Here are some tips for you:

  • Start blogging (post consistently);
  • Participate in social media like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.;
  • Learn how to be engaging with your audience;
  • Be creative in sharing info about your brand, who you are, and why your services are valuable.

Research how your niche is competitive in the market Being aware of the competition’s untapped potential in your market niche can help to bring new customers in. In case you are not experienced enough, then hire an expert who’d guide you through and help you with the decision-making process. Since coming up with the right decisions equals more effective MVP development services, this also means that you’ll understand your target audience better. Consequently, this should help you find the best ways to win consumers’ attention and tell how they’d benefit from your products/services via your awesome value proposition.

Make sure your business plan goes hand in hand with reality To check whether your business plan is realistic or not quite, go through your goals and see which ones are the top priority. Then do some careful planning and determine if your strategy suits the global market. Or maybe you just need to stick to local ones. Find that out.

Here’re the steps to take if you decide to bring your business overseas:

  • Establish realistic goals for the markets you’d like to enter;
  • See what products/services are available overseas.;
  • Determine how much consumer demand in those countries;
  • Check closely for any regulations set by foreign authorities (governments) which cause you trouble or affect your overseas business endeavors.

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Don’t forget about mobile app localization

If you’re about to enter radically new markets, you want people who live in other countries to clearly understand what your business is about. Right? The first thing that you should do is to make sure that your app is localized to the local languages and that it supports these languages too. This means that you need software localization. What is it?

Software localization is not the same as translating to foreign languages and calling it all good. This process involves localization tools & UI adaptation services integration. Yes, mobile app localization is a way more complex and comprehensive process. But this is something that must be done, especially for anybody who enters a foreign market for the first time. One of the smartest moves, in this case, would be approaching an app localization service and asking for professional assistance with:

  • Collecting info about locals’ social habits & cultural peculiarities;
  • Generating a bigger impact on user journeys & app flows;
  • Determining what necessary changes ought to be made;
  • Digging into laws & regulations of local regions;
  • Launching a data protection phase;
  • Integrating relevant payment systems that are most popular within the new regions where you’re going to expand your business into;
  • Boosting the conversion;
  • Updating your app’s description on the AppStore/GooglePlay by localizing them specifically to each region.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, translation is just one step of the latter in the localization process. Mobile app localization also includes app store optimization, multimedia localization, adapting dates, currencies, etc. And this is not all!

Keep in mind the main purpose of app localization, is to make users feel like your app and services were made just for them. And that’s what app localization services can do for you with their excellent expertise and extensive experience. So, find an experienced localization team and go global!

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Aiden Nathan

Aiden Nathan is vice growth manager of The Tech Trend. He is passionate about the applying cutting edge technology to operate the built environment more sustainably.

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