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Top 10 Client Management Software

Top 10 Client Management Software

What is Client Management?

Client management refers to the act of building relationships between customers and businesses. Management of clients can include setting expectations, trusting, setting boundaries, and measuring happiness.

The goal of client management is to delight clients over the long term, increase retention and earn word-of-mouth referrals. What exactly is client management software?

What is Client Management Software?

Client Management software keeps track of each customer’s individual relationships with a business. Support, sales, marketing, and support often use data from the Client Management System to build and maintain customer relationships that lead to loyal customers.

Key Features of Client Management Software

CRMs can be robust systems that produce high-quality information that any member of your organization can use to improve client relationships. A CRM is more than just a storage place for customer data. A CRM should allow you to track and monitor customer activity with your company. Support requests, emails, and past purchases are all examples of the data that you will need to access in your CRM. These data will help you and your team to anticipate customer needs and provide personalized cross-sell and upsell opportunities later in the customer’s life cycle.

  • Data & Analysis – Keep track of metrics about each customer like how frequently they interact with your communications.
  • Activity Monitoring – Track the activity of your clients to see when they are calling for support, returning defective products, and purchasing new products. This will allow you to anticipate roadblocks, and prevent them from happening.
  • Communication System – Email, call, send, or text a direct message via social media to customers through templates and automated sending.
  • Automated Workflows – Never let a follow-up slip through the cracks. Automated workflows can be used in CRM to schedule meetings and send out outreach.
    Here’s a list of the best client management software to help sales reps.

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Top 10 Client Management Software

1. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM platform that scales businesses from SMB to the enterprise. It’s flexible, cohesive, and easy to use. It’s made in-house to support your growth, You can use it to track and notify your prospects, schedule meetings, and live chat, and are available to keep you connected with the most important part of your business, the customers.

Integrations of your HubSpot CRM can be done with Gmail, G Suite, and Office 365. This will allow you to spend less time logging information and more time building relationships.

HubSpot gives you unlimited access to data and users as well as up to 1,000,000 contacts without any expiration or time limit. This applies whether you are a single person or a 1,000-person team.

Price: Free

2. Honeybook

Honeybook is the perfect tool for your business to communicate with clients and send out invoices, contracts, payments, or status updates. The software is ideal for small business owners and entrepreneurs who work on a project basis. Honeybook offers templates to delight customers from onboarding through offboarding.

Once you have sent a proposal designed to reflect your brand guidelines, you can invite clients to book meetings using the Scheduling tool. When is it time to close the deal Use the Contracts feature to collect digital signatures. This will let you know when the client has finished their documents.

Honeybook Automation allows you to build client relationships while working on projects. You can show your clients exactly where you are at each stage of the process with custom workflows. You will need to send fewer status updates and follow-up emails so that you can complete the work you were hired for.

Price: $9+

3. Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 client management software is ideal for large enterprise teams who want to create more value and in less time. This software is great for any sales cycle, no matter how long it may be. It allows you and your team quickly to onboard new clients within days.

Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications like Outlook and Teams using pre-built modules. This allows you to spend more time with customers using systems that you are familiar with, rather than trying to create a client management system with different products.

Dynamic 365’s three apps, Dynamic 365 Sales and Dynamic 365 Marketing can all be used together to help you and your team win new customers, customize existing customers and delight them all at large.

Price: $1,500+

4. Keap

It would be great to end business chaos. Keap agrees. This CRM and client management software helps businesses to collect more leads, convert clients and build more fans.

Keap is the only form builder you will need. Keap allows you to embed custom forms right on your website landing pages. They trigger specific actions that allow your team to follow up promptly every time. To increase sales, segment leads based on certain attributes using Keap’s SMS and email marketing tools.

Personalization might not be a priority for smaller sales teams. Keap allows them to automate their sales follow-ups to convert more quality leads into customers. These customers will become fans if they are treated with quality client relationships.

Price: $40+

5. ClickUp

ClickUp is the best productivity tool to manage accounts, grow customer relationships and work together from one platform. ClickUp offers a wide range of customizable features that allow you to visualize your sales and client orders in a variety of ways. These include a list or calendar view, table view, Kanban-like board views, and displaying any type of data. ClickUp dashboards provide instant, real-time reporting and allow you to keep track of all your deals by creating high-level overviews about each customer’s lifetime value.

ClickUp can be integrated with more than 1,000 other tools, including email. This allows you to streamline and speed up your customer outreach. Clients can be onboarded, and updated, and messages sent from one central hub. ClickUp’s Free Forever Plan gives you access to tons of useful features that will help you build your customer base. You can also upgrade to more advanced tools starting at $5.

Price: Free

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6. Nimble

Client management is not only done within a client management system. Social media plays an important role in client relationships. Nimble uses the Nimble Prospector browser extension to capture potential lead contact information. Simply hovering over the profile on LinkedIn or Instagram of the professional you wish to contact can reduce the time required to enter data.

Your team can integrate more than 160 apps to unify client contact information using the systems that you already love, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Nimble includes a calendar, activities tracker, and pipeline manager to ensure that your team never misses a chance to connect with prospects or clients.

Price: $19+

7. Nutshell

Nutshell CRM provides contact management, pipeline management, and sales automation. It also offers reporting and email tools.

The pipeline management tool is unique among all the rest. Flexible pipeline management views allow your reps to be more efficient and find the right system for them.

Nutshell, for example, offers:

  • Board View: Reps can drag and drop leads to the next stage of sales and mark leads as lost, won, or canceled. This view provides reps with a quick overview to monitor their overall pipeline health.
  • List View: This is the traditional way to see your leads in rows. You can sort columns by stage, value, and opportunity. This allows reps to analyze what’s new and who is in need of their attention.
  • Map View: This map view is for sales reps who work on the territory. It shows prospects exactly where they are. This will help your rep plan meetings or activities.
  • Chart View: This chart view displays lead trends, including a time frame, quantity, and value, for open leads.
    Customizing your pipeline management can help you keep your reps on the right track.

Price: $19+

8. was established in 2012 as a solution for team management that linked employees to workplace processes. The tool is now used in many industries to organize, track, and manage workplace production, activity, and performance.

After signing up for you will be able to choose a template based on your industry and the reason you are using the tool. offers three templates to help you with sales: partner management, sales CRM, and sales assets.

Your sales CRM template is a great tool for your team. It allows you to efficiently manage customer relationships, sales pipelines, tasks and leads all from one place.

You can easily create forms on, and then place them on your site with lead management. You can then send the submissions directly to and save all of your contact’s data, activity, and calls.

You can also use the Kanban view to manage your sales pipeline in the sales CRM template. Kanban is a method for efficiently managing software. This view will allow you to see at a glance how many prospects are available and at what stage.

The sales CRM also organizes your deadlines so that you know exactly what tasks you need to complete in order to move toward the close.

Price: $8+

9. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk started out as a customer service tool, but it has expanded to include sales. Zendesk’s unique feature is its focus on bringing together support and sales teams.

Your team will be able to sell smarter, keep customers in context, work together, and delight them by combining customer support and sales tools.

Sales reps can view if a prospect opened a support ticket from their contact record. This allows them to have complete visibility into the customer’s situation. Their contact record also keeps a history, which allows reps to understand the past context. Zendesk Sell was created to remove friction between support staff and sales reps.

Price: $5+

10. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM that offers features such as chatbots, sales assistance, and pipeline management.

This CRM’s most distinctive feature is its AI-powered sales assistance tool. Sales Assist will give personalized tips and recommendations to your reps.

An AI sales mentor will review your past performance and alert you to potential risks. They can also suggest new ways to improve your sales. These tips will assist your reps in their upskilling without any consulting or lengthy training.

The AI sales mentor will also use algorithms for analysis of your actions to find areas that can be automated.

Price: $12.50+

Summary Up — Top Client Management Software

Client relationships are an important aspect of a business’s success and they deserve a little more than a spreadsheet to manage them. They deserve more than just a spreadsheet. For small and large enterprises, CRMs and client relationship management software are essential.

A CRM is a great way to increase sales by keeping track of clients and prospects. Although it can be daunting to evaluate client management software, it is important that you understand the differences between each so you can choose the right one for your company.

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