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Top 20 Business Apps for Retailers

Top 20 Business Apps for Retailers

Owning your own retail business requires you to learn how to be scrappy, Make the most of what you already have, and adapt to changing times.

Both brick-and-mortar and mobile retailers can benefit from time-saving software and tools. This is why we compiled this list of 20 top retailer apps for small businesses. Get them for your iPhone, iPad, or Android and optimize your day.

Not all apps are available for iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Some apps might also offer desktop versions. These can be found in the Windows Store, Chrome Web Store, or Mac App Store for Apple users. In-app purchases may be required for some apps.

Top 20 Business Apps for Retailers

1. When I work

When I Work is the solution if you spend a lot of time each week scheduling employees in Excel spreadsheets. Employees can view and request shift changes, as well as communicate with their colleagues via When I Work. There’s also a free version that can be used by up to 75 employees. You will need to pay a monthly subscription if you require more features or have more staff.

2. Deputy

If you have scheduling requirements that exceed the free version Of When I Work, You can get Deputy as low as $2.50 per month. The scheduling app works in the same way as When I Work. It allows you to easily schedule shifts, but also offers additional features like task management and employee communication. You can also try the app for free before you buy.

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3. SurveyMonkey

Are you trying to find out what customers think about your store? SurveyMonkey allows you to stop guessing and get the facts. You can find out what your customers want and use it to create actionable information to drive your business forward.

The best part is that you can send surveys free of charge with their basic plan. You can also upgrade to more advanced features for $25 per month.

4. Expensive

Even though it may not be common in your store, you should always have access to a small business application to track staff expenses. Perhaps an employee took a taxi home from work or ran out to buy cupcakes for a colleague’s birthday. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, it’s important to have a system to pay these employees back as soon as possible.

This is what Expensify allows you to do. Employees can take pictures of their receipts and send them to their employers. You don’t have to pay anything if you are a small business.

5. TaskRabbit

Because you are the busiest person you know, TaskRabbit is one of the most popular retail apps for small businesses. Once you submit a task, they match your task with a Tasker so you only have one thing on your plate. If you are unable to do your laundry or get dry cleaning done because you are busy managing inventory, TaskRabbit provides the backup you need in order to ensure your socks stay clean.

6. QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online is an accounting app that allows you to perform many of the same tasks as you would at your desk, but you don’t have to be there every day to do your accounting. You can view, create, and email estimates. You can track expenses and download or reconcile bank transactions. If you feel the need to track your expenses while running errands you are more than capable.

7. Neat

Neat is a great option if you don’t want newspapers cluttering up your desk. Small businesses can scan documents and use this app to manage receipts, track expenses, and keep track of receipts. Once you have scanned the document, all that is required to access it is a click away. Simply snap a picture with your smartphone, or scan the document using your personal scanner.

8. Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed POS is a leading POS app that’s easy to use and scalable. Lightspeed POS comes with many features, including inventory management, detailed reports, customer management, and multi-location compatibility. It also has employee management. Lightspeed is able to help you access sales data and complete transactions from anywhere.


If you are anything like us, there will be at least three calendars open at once. Do you crave simplicity and consolidation? is your lifeline. We love the fact that has a built-in to-do list function. It’s time to stop dreading looking at your schedule and begin enjoying it.

10. Todoist

Todoist is a beautiful and simple app that helps you organize your daily to-do list, which is your new obsession. Todoist allows you to access your tasks from any device. Your employees will no longer have to remind you to do payroll. And your significant other won’t need to nag you to get your dry cleaner.

11. Asana

Asana is a great project management app for busy times. It will help you organize your staff and retail customers in no time. Asana is free for basic plans. It allows you to track your projects and assign tasks to multiple people. It is extremely user-friendly, and it gives other project management apps a run for the money.

12. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free messaging service that allows you to communicate with others in a group and one-on-one chats. WhatsApp is similar to Facebook Messenger but your employees don’t have to be on Facebook in order to use it. You can download the app and add contacts to it.

13. Groupon

A survey doesn’t tell you anything about customers. Groupon is a great place for local businesses to advertise their deals. Groupon is the best platform for putting your business in front of 35 million potential customers.

You can reach 15 countries worldwide and You not only reach local customers but also customers who plan to visit your city. A customer from Europe might find a New York City Groupon deal that they can add to their trip when they visit the States.

Groupon’s unique feature is that you only pay a portion of the revenue generated on their platform. Even though you want your deal to be a success, even if it isn’t, it won’t hurt you.

14. Later

Social media is a great way to promote your retail business. You may need to be able to manage all your social media accounts. One of the most widely used social media management apps is Later. The Later app allows you to manage all your social media accounts and create a “Link in bio” hub on Instagram. You can also calculate the best times for posting to increase your social reach.

15. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a favorite app of ours that is easy to use, regardless of whether your email marketing campaign has just begun or is well underway. You can collect email addresses, create campaigns, and get additional customers using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

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16. Facebook Business Suite

Apps like Hootsuite can be great for managing posts but you might want to look deeper into your social media strategy. Facebook Business Suite is the solution. This app is extremely useful if you need to manage multiple Facebook pages from anywhere. It’s very versatile, and you can do almost everything you can on your desktop. You can post updates, reply to messages, view insights, and much more.

17. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is especially useful if you are the co-owner/manager of a shop. Google Hangouts allows you to conduct interviews or meetings remotely. Google Hangouts is the most popular email service so your potential employees or staff will likely already have one. You can download Hangouts directly from the app store to your mobile device. This app is great for staff meetings, even if not everyone is available. This app will eliminate the need to drag employees into your shop on their weekends.

18. Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming app that allows you to listen to your favorite songs and create personalized playlists. Although a music app may not be a “small business app”, it is important to create a pleasant shopping experience. There are numerous studies that show how music affects shoppers’ behavior.

19. A Color Story

Small businesses may experiment with social media marketing and branding. A Color Story is a photo editing app that allows you to add filters, tools, and light effects to your photos. It can be used to create vibrant and new photos. A Color Story can make your photos look professional thanks to the powerful cameras on our iPhones and Android phones. It can be used for social media, website photos and email marketing images. Even the most talented photographer could use a boost every now and again.

20. Canva

Which is similar to A Color Story and Canva is a must-have tool for small businesses looking to improve their marketing skills. You can create stunning imagery as well as beautiful documents, including business cards, postcards, and tickets. You can make your brand look beautiful on all media using either free templates or in-app purchases. Canva is available for free, but you can also upgrade to the $9.99 monthly plan to get more features, photos, and illustrations.


21. Word Swag

Word Swag rounds out this top-rated list of retail apps that allow users to add beautiful text and images to their images in minutes. This app is easy to use and doesn’t require any design skills. Simply select your photo and choose the words you wish to use. Then, view your new image. It’s that simple.

22. MagicPlan

MagicPlan is a floor planning app that creates beautiful and efficient floor plans. However, they don’t automatically appear. MagicPlan allows you to design, measure and place furniture and display cabinets in your store without having to spend a lot of money. This app will prevent damage to your floors when you arrange large furniture. We know this will be appreciated by your landlord.

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